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GARANT-Filter GmbH

Europastraße 2/1, 77933 Lahr / Schwarzwald, Germany


Europastraße 2/1
77933 Lahr / Schwarzwald


        2, Mercantile Apartments, 400074 Maharashtra, Mumbai, India


        2, Mercantile Apartments
        400074 Maharashtra, Mumbai

        Telefon +91 (022) 25201596 / 7, 25201396 / 7
        Fax +91 (022) 25202706 / 3080

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              Geiger + Co. Schmierstoff-Chemie GmbH (TRENNEX)

              Austraße 45–45e, 74008 Heilbronn, Germany


              Austraße 45–45e
              74008 Heilbronn

              Telefon +49 (07131) 1563-0
              Fax +49 (07131) 1563-39

                Pressemitteilungen & News

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                • Peripheral equipment and auxiliary materials for die casting
                • Lubricants
                • Release agents for die-casting
                • Operating and auxiliary materials for die-casting

                Company profile:

                For more than 40 years we successfully develop, manufacture, and sell Trennex® release agents and lubricants for non-ferrous metal pressure diecasting. We have specialized on these products in order to offer the diecasters excellent performance.

                Product range Trennex:

                Die Lubricants

                  Water Based

                   • Aluminium
                    Trennex W 3351 Series [Wax-free]
                    Trennex W 3325 Series [Wax reduced]
                    Trennex W 7000
                    Trennex W 8-er Serie
                    Trennex 143 WL [Polysiloxan-free]
                     Trennex W3218 [Polysiloxan-free]
                    Trennex W3271

                   • Magnesium
                    Trennex W 1611 Mg
                    Trennex W 1630 Mg

                   • Zink
                    Trennex 143 / lll WL
                    Trennex 3218/5

                  Oil Based

                   • Aluminium
                    Paste form
                     Trennex AL 
                     Trennex ALSI [Paste form]
                     Trennex 3282 [Paste form]
                     Trennex VP 64/4 [Liquid]
                     Trennex 3000

                   • Magnesium
                    Trennex VM 3009

                   • Zink
                    Trennex DECO ZN [Liquid]
                    Trennex VM 951 ZN [Liquid]
                    Trennex 3098 ZN [Liquid]


                   • Aluminium
                    Trennex P23
                    Trennex P28

                   • Magnesium 
                    Trennex P13
                 Plunger lubricants

                  Water Based
                   Trennex Automatic 970 WL

                  Oil Based
                   • Paste form
                    Trennex 854 G [Graphite containing]
                   • Liquid
                    Trennex Automatic 800 G [Graphite containing]
                    Trennex Automatic 899 [Graphite-free]
                    Trennex Automatic 899 / ll [Graphite-free]
                    Trennex Automatic 3099 [Graphite containing]

                   Trennex 920 Granulat
                   Trennex 925 G Granulat [Graphite containing]
                   Trennex 930 G Granulat [Graphite containing]
                   Trennex 950 Granulat
                   Trennex 960 Granulat
                   Trennex 990 Granulat


                Trennex worldwide:

                Click here for list of agencies abroad.

                    General Kinematics Corp.

                    5050 Rickert Rd., IL 60014 Crystal Lake, United States


                    5050 Rickert Rd.
                    IL 60014 Crystal Lake
                    United States

                    Telefon +18154553222
                    Fax +1-815-455-2285

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                      A 50 YEAR-OLD SHAKEOUT
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                      General Kinematics is the premier manufacturer of vibrating equipment for the processing of bulk materials. From vibratory feeders to entire process systems, General Kinematics creates the solutions you require to process even the most difficult materials. View our equipment solutions by industry.

                      What we do.

                      For more than five decades, GK has helped the most profitable and efficient foundries turn their capital investments into profits. GK foundry equipment increases casting throughput, diminishes casting damage, and reduces maintenance cost. Our vibrating foundry equipment is the longest lasting vibratory equipment in the world, with the first unit ever built at GK still in operation today.
                      From Scrap yard to Shipping, General Kinematics has a process solution to improve your foundry flow and productivity. With the largest selection of vibratory and rotary technology available in the industry, GK can create process flow improvements that will show real value to your throughput and bottom line. General Kinematics sustainable foundry technology allows you to do more work with less energy, and reclaim renewable materials instead of sending them to the landfill.
                      Why GK?
                      General Kinematics partners with our customers to provide vibratory equipment that improves their throughput, increases their profitability, and reduces maintenance costs. Our employees genuinely want our customers to be successful in their businesses, and will do all they can to provide you with equipment and solutions to do so. With hundreds of patents, thousands of installations, engineers trained in the latest technological advancements and sales engineers to educate you on the right equipment solution, you can depend on General Kinematics.

                      • General Kinematics Corp.
                      • General Kinematics Corp.
                      • General Kinematics Corp.
                      • General Kinematics Corp.

                      Produkte & Leistungen

                      • VIBRA-DRUM®
                      • DUCTA-SERIES™ Rotary Drums
                      • VIBRA-MILL® Vibratory Batch Sand Reclamation
                      • Two-Mass Shakeouts
                      • PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders
                      • V-TROUGH® Vibratory Inclined Conveyors
                      • Lost Foam Systems
                      • VIBRA-FIN™ Bulk Material Cooler / Conditioner
                      • SPIRA-COOL® Casting Cooling Spirals

                        GIORGIO GHIVARELLO

                        Via Lanzo, 91, 10071 Borgaro (TO), Italy


                        Via Lanzo, 91
                        10071 Borgaro (TO)

                              Global Metallurgical Solutions srl.

                              Via Borsellino e Falcone, 31, 20026 Novate Milanese, Italy


                              Via Borsellino e Falcone, 31
                              20026 Novate Milanese

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                                GMS is active in the field of industrial induction with the manufacturing of mel...
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