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Berliner Allee 65, D 64295 Darmstadt, Germany


Berliner Allee 65
D 64295 Darmstadt

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    Newform “Combi G” mica slip-plane, an ideal solution for induction furnaces
    Sensitive, water-cooled copper coils in induction furnaces are protected by a co...
    Mica slip plane for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries
    Sensitive, water-cooled copper coils in induction furnaces are protected by a co...

        Ningbo Beilun Hongxiang Die-Casting Mould Co., Ltd.

        No.8 Huixin Load Daqi Beilun Ningbo, China


        No.8 Huixin Load Daqi Beilun Ningbo


        Telefon 0574-86145508
        Fax 0574-86145388


          Professional Aluminum die casting parts supplier

          • Located in Beilun Port,2 hours to Shanghai,Convenient transportation, beautiful scenery
          • One of earliest die casting Mould companies in Beilun,20 years
          • 8 acres, about 5300 square meters
          • All processing include open a new mold, deburring, polishing,shot blasting, machining ,powder
          • coating can be completed in our own company

              Norican Group

              c/o DISA Industries A/S, Højager 8, 2630 Taastrup, Denmark


              c/o DISA Industries A/S, Højager 8
              2630 Taastrup

              Telefon +45 44 50 50 50
              Fax +45 44 94 52 25

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                Getting to know Anders Wilhjelm – the new Norican Group President and CEO
                Anders, what is your business background and why did you decide to take the re...
                Lernen Sie Anders Wilhjelm kennen – den neuen President und CEO der Norican Group
                Anders, was ist Ihr geschäftlicher Hintergrund und warum haben Sie sich entschi...


                Company Profile

                Norican Group is the parent company of DISA (moulding technology), Wheelabrator (surface preparation technology) and Wheelabrator Plus (surface preparation aftermarket services). Together, we have the strength, experience and innovation to shape industry in the future.

                About Norican Group

                The name Norican is derived from Noricum, an ancient Celtic kingdom that existed in the Austria/Bavaria area circa 15BC ? 500AD. This region was famous for its high quality Norican steel, which became the standard within the Roman Empire.

                Norican Group remains true to its name by being the world's leading provider of technology and services to improve its customers' metallic parts. From the "parts formation" phase of a customers' operation (represented by DISA, our horizontal, match plate & vertical moulding technology offer) through to the "parts preparation" phase for cleaning, strengthening and polishing of the part (delivered by Wheelabrator, our airblast, wheelblast and mass finishing technologies) the Norican Group stands ready to lower its customers' overall life cycle costs.

                Both DISA and Wheelabrator represent over 100 years of expertise and experience, and collectively employ 2000 people in 5 continents, with major operations in Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Poland, Switzerland, UK and USA.

                Norican Group works with the industry's leading representatives and business partners in serving its customers throughout the world, providing complete global support throughout the life of the equipment and beyond.

                Its employees represent the greatest assembly of expertise the industry has ever known. Its innovative products represent the broadest offer of any company in its industries. Everything Norican Group does focuses on maximising its customers profits in one, or all, of the following areas:

                • Lower operating costs

                • Higher production throughput

                • Longer part or component life



                    NovaCast Systems AB

                    Fridhemsvägen 8, 372 38 Ronneby, Sweden


                    Fridhemsvägen 8
                    372 38 Ronneby

                    Telefon +46 (0)457 46 58 00
                    Fax +46 (0)457 156 22

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                      NovaCast - No excuse for not simulating complete HPD process any longer
                      The new version of NovaFlow&Solid, version 6.0, opens up a number of new pos...


                      NovaCast Systems AB, founded in 1981 with HQ in Ronneby, Sweden, offers powerful system solutions that covers the needs for the entire foundry business when it comes to casting process simulation, NovaFlow&Solid, and metallurgical process control, ATAS MetStar. With our systems we can optimize the feeders, reduce the casting weight and ensure your quality and as a consequence - minimize your scrap rate. The systems create added value that can be measured in terms of efficient product development, shorter product lead times, quality-assured foundry processes, positive effects on the environment and increased competitive strength, ultimately leading to increased profits.

                      NovaFlow&Solid 6.0 is an innovative casting process simulation tool using a unique and more precise meshing method. NovaFlow&Solid can make your casting production more green by letting you investigate and be guided how to increase your yield and optimize your production process. This will help you save energy, material and eventually use less of the resources on our planet. It simulates most commercial casting methods and can use all types of mold and core materials.

                      ATAS MetStar is an adaptive tool for analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing the foundry process and helps improving yield and quality of castings. Less variation in your melt will give you more consistent castings, which will reduce your scrap rate, save energy and contribute to a greener planet.

                      Technical sales office in Sweden
                      NovaCast Systems AB

                      Järntorgsgatan 12-14
                      413 01 Gothenburg, SWEDEN

                      Phone: +46 (0)457 46 58 00
                      Fax: +46 (0)457 156 22
                      Email: info(at)novacast.se

                      Technical sales office in USA
                      NovaCast Solutions USA Inc.

                      55 Shuman Blvd, Suite 850
                      Naperville, IL 60563, USA

                      Phone: +1 630 450 1647
                      Fax: +1 312 896 9522
                      E-mail: info(at)novacastusa.com

                      Technical sales office in India
                      NovaCast India Pvt Ltd.

                      Evoma Business Centre
                      Prestige Featherlite Tech Park
                      Plot No 148, 2nd Phase, EPIP Zone
                      560 066 Whitefield, Bangalore, INDIA

                      Phone: +91 80 4903 3075
                      Fax:+91 80 4903 3005
                      E-mail: info(at)novacastindia.com

                      • NovaCast Systems AB
                      • NovaCast Systems AB
                      • NovaCast Systems AB
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