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CALDERYS Deutschland Gmbh Co. OHG

In der Sohl 122, 56564 Neuwied, Germany


In der Sohl 122
56564 Neuwied

Carbon Group

15th Floor Plaschem Building, 562 Nguyen Van Cu Str, Long Bien District, , Hanoi, Vietnam


15th Floor Plaschem Building, 562 Nguyen Van Cu Str, Long Bien District,

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The Status of Vietnam Foundry Industry & Market Opportunity
Mr. Wei GAO, the vice president of China Foundry Association presided over the m...


Ailes 49, Jardines de San Mateo, 53240 Naucalpan Edo de Mexico, Mexico


Ailes 49, Jardines de San Mateo
53240 Naucalpan Edo de Mexico

Center of Automotive Management

An der Gohrsmühle 25, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany


An der Gohrsmühle 25
51465 Bergisch Gladbach

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Centrifugal Casting Machine Co., Inc.

7744 N. Owasso Expressway, Suite A, 74055 Owasso, OK, USA


The Centrifugal Casting Machine Company, Inc., is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, and has a subsidiary in Ahmedabad, India, known as Spincast Solution Pvt. Ltd. The company has been in business since 1940 and is well known as the oldest exclusive manufacturer of centrifugal casting machinery in the world. Since 1940, Centrifugal Casting Machine Company has exported machinery to over 65 countries. We offer a full line or horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting equipment that range from ½ ton to 100 ton in load capacity. Not only do we offer machinery but also the full process technology required to produce quality castings on our machines.

Though CCMCO has been attending the world’s centrifugal casting needs for over 75 years, the company has kept current with recent business trends. We utilize the latest in PLC touchscreen technology to offer customers greater control over the centrifugal casting process. This technology not only allows customers to reduce the number of operators required but also maximizes the repeatability that can be achieved by your centrifugal casting machine. CCMCO/SSPL engineers work consistently with the operator in mind and build for ease of use and ease of maintenance. CCMCO/SSPL serves the markets such as Automotive, General Foundry, Infrastructure, Petrochemical and Steel Rolls. Included with our machinery is start-up commissioning service as well as process technology assistance for the life of the machine.

Produkte & Leistungen

Centromet AD

Address: 9, N. Vaptsarov Str., 3000 Vratsa, Bulgaria


Address: 9, N. Vaptsarov Str.
3000 Vratsa

Chemex GmbH

Maschstrasse 16, 31073 Delligsen, Germany


Maschstrasse 16
31073 Delligsen


Categories / Kategorien

  • Gating and feeding (Anschnitt- und Speisertechnik)
    • Covering compounds for feeders (Abdeckmittel für Speiser)
    • Breaker cores (Brechkerne)
    • Filterelements for liquid metals (Filtereinsätze)
    • Exothermic materials (Exotherme Erzeugnisse)
    • Feeder sleeves (Speisereinsätze)



Clansman Dynamics Limited

Stephenson Building, Nasmyth Avenue, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, Scotland


Stephenson Building, Nasmyth Avenue, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park
G75 0QR

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Clansman Dynamics: Technology to improve health, safety and productivity
In 2019, AIA Engineering undertook a significant investment in technology, to im...

CLARIANT Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH

Arabellastrasse 4a, 81925 Munich, Germany


Arabellastrasse 4a
81925 Munich

Telefon: +49 (0)89 5110 210
Fax: +49 (0)89 5110 375
E-Mail: foundry-additives(at)clariant.com

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Clariant & World Foundry Organization confirm on-going partnership to support sustainable future for global cast metal industry
Munich, 2021 – Clariant has cemented its on-going collaboration with the World...
Clariant launches next generation phosphate ester for metal working formulations, based on renewable sources
Clariant, one of the leading suppliers of sustainable ingredients and solutions ...
Better with Bentonite
When, in 2011, the venerable German chemicals company Süd-Chemie became part of...


Clariant’s Functional Minerals  

1,000+ needs, shaped up into a single solution: BENTONITE

Clariant is a globally leading specialty chemicals company, based in Muttenz near Basel/Switzerland. The company reports in four business areas: Care Chemicals, Catalysis & Energy, Natural Resources, Plastics & Coatings.

Clariant’s Business Unit Functional Minerals - Headquartered in Munich, Germany and operating on a worldwide scale - is a leading provider of specialty products and solutions based on Bentonite and synthetic minerals to enhance products and processes in various industries.

Due to its high surface area and strong binding properties, Bentonite is a true all-rounder that enhances a wide range of products and processes in various industries from food to foundry. As a leading provider of specialty products based on Bentonite, we are fully integrated in the complete value chain: from exploration, mining, processing and refinement to tailored industry and customer specific solutions. Our global network of mines, secure supply, efficient logistics and unparalleled application service is ready for your needs on 24 production sites worldwide – and looks back on over 100 years of experience. And above all we care for a sustainable development: after exploitation, we ensure the reclamation of every bentonite mining area - no trace left behind.

For minimum emissions and maximum efficiency – Our Eco-compatible ECOSIL® LE AND GEKO® LE

Our eco-compatible foundry additives Geko® LE and Ecosil® LE - EcoTain® approved technologies - provide highest foundry productivity and drastically reduced emissions  for superior quality in high precision castings with less consumption and total cost of ownership. GEKO® LE – based on natural clay minerals with special graphites. And dispersing agents – is an e¬ffective booster for foundry productivity and perfect castings. ECOSIL® LE adds lustrous carbon former to GEKO® LE to ensure easy mold separation, improved surfaces and increased mold stability. The Ecotain® approved two-tiered bentonite technology provides an excellent solution for foundries to comply with highly demanding environmental regulations and standards.


  • CLARIANT Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH

CMI Novacast Inc

500 East Touhy Avenue Unit B, 60018 Des Plaines, Il, United States


500 East Touhy Avenue Unit B
60018 Des Plaines, Il
United States

CNBM International Corporation

Floor 17th, No.4 Building, Zhuyu International Commercial Center, No.9, Shouti South Road,Haidian District, 100048 Beijing, China


Floor 17th, No.4 Building, Zhuyu International Commercial Center, No.9, Shouti South Road,Haidian District
100048 Beijing

Telefon: 8610-57971005
Fax: 8610-57971008
E-Mail: anitayang(at)okorder.com

Cold Jet Europe bvba

Dellestraat 55, B-3550 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium


Dellestraat 55
B-3550 Heusden-Zolder

Telefon: +3213539547
Fax: +32 13 539 547

Vertretungen weltweit

Cold Jet Canada
1727 Industrial Road, Unit 1
N3H 5G7 Cambridge, Ontario
Phone: +1 800-337-9423 Ext. 501
Cold Jet Dry Ice Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Room 113, Building 2 No. 89 Huguang East Rd. Minhang District
Phone: +8618017768855
Cold Jet Deutschland GmbH
Obere Industrie Strasse 1
54595 Weinsheim
Phone: +49655196060
Cold Jet Technologies
Muranaka Building 1F 2-23-1 Shiba, Minato-ku
Phone: +81368692665
Cold Jet Latinoamérica
Domingo Treviño 127-2, Nuevo León
64650 Monterrey
Phone: +528110970445
Cold Jet S.L.
Edificio Foro de Somosaguas, Planta 2 Oficina 14 Pinar de Somosaguas 89 Bis
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón Madrid
Phone: +34914267963
Cold Jet, LLC
455 Wards Corner Road
45140 Loveland, Ohio
United States
Phone: +15138313211

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Cold Jet präsentiert die neue revolutionäre Trockeneisstrahlanlage PCS® 60
Cold Jet® – the global leader in dry ice technology – has reinvented dry ic...
Cold Jet's revolutionary new Dry Ice Blaster, the PCS® 60
Cold Jet® – the global leader in dry ice technology – has reinvented dry i...
Cold Jet setzt seine rasante Expansion in Europa fort
Nach der Übernahme der in Dänemark ansässigen IceTech im Jahr 2016 hat Cold J...


Cold Jet® is the world leader in developing innovative, environmentally responsible dry ice cleaning solutions that help companies reduce maintenance costs, enhance product quality, prolong equipment life and improve productivity and worker safety. Cold Jet's extensive line of dry ice cleaning systems are used in a variety of industries, making productive use of recycled carbon dioxide while eliminating the need for chemicals and water in the cleaning process. In addition to its dry ice-based cleaning systems, the company's dry ice production equipment is used by every major gas company worldwide to produce the highest density dry ice available.  Cold Jet is a private company with global headquarters in Loveland, Ohio, and international operations in Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico.

For more information, visit www.coldjet.com or call 1-800-337-9423 or +32 13 539 547.

  • Cold Jet Europe bvba
  • Cold Jet Europe bvba

Produkte & Leistungen

Dry Ice Cleaning systems

Cold Jet provides cleaning solutions for any budget with the widest selection of dry ice blasting systems, nozzles and accessories, that can handle the most delicate cleaning and product finishing jobs to the most aggressive contaminants removal jobs in a variety of industries.

  • Aero Serie: The rugged Aero Line delivers a superior clean with the lowest cost of ownership.  The Aero Line offers superior performance and versatility with electric or all pneumatic options.

  • i³ MicroClean: The i³ MicroClean is designed to thoroughly clean intricate cavities and molds that other methods cannot reach.  The system utilizes Cold Jet patented microparticle technology, dry ice <0.1mm. The abrasive-free cleaning can be done while molds are still at curing temperature in the press which significantly reduces the cleaning time. The i³ MicroClean can also be used for final product cleanup including deflashing of surface/parting line vents and gloss leveling. No other system on the market cleans so powerfully, yet so gently with less noise as the i³ MicroClean.

  • SDI Select 60: The SDI Select 60 offers the value of delicate cleaning (using microparticles <0.1mm) and high-level aggression (using 3mm pellets) all in one frame.  With the ability to shave with any dry ice media – from standard block, 3mm pellets, nuggets, slices and even leftover scrap ice; or direct feed standard pellets – the SDI Select 60 offers unrivaled cleaning performance and eliminates worries about dry ice availability.

Dry Ice Production Systems

Cold Jet’s full-line of dry ice pelletizers and reformers produce consistently high density quality dry ice. Cold Jet dry ice pelletizers and reformers guarantee less breakage, longer shelf-life and greater cooling capacity. Cold Jet offers the highest output per floor footprint and the best production uptime of any equipment on the market.

Customs Solutions

Cold Jet offers custom nozzles to fully automated robotic cleaning systems. Each solution is custom-engineered from proven, reliable components and sub-systems.

The Cold Jet dry ice cleaning, product finishing, and production systems meet or exceed industry and regulatory requirements, provide the lowest cost of ownership, and deliver many years of reliable service.


Vahrenwalder Straße 9, 30165 Hanover, Germany


Vahrenwalder Straße 9
30165 Hanover

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GER-Continental cuts 2021 vehicle production outlook on chips crunch
German&nbsp;automotive supplier&nbsp;Continental AG&nbsp;cut its&nbsp;growth for...
Dr. Christoph Falk-Gierlinger Named New Managing Director of Continental Engineering Services
Continental CTO Dr. Dirk Abendroth: "Falk-Gierlinger will further advance the to...
Dr. Christoph Falk-Gierlinger neuer Geschäftsführer von Continental Engineering Services
Continental CTO Dr. Dirk Abendroth: „Falk-Gierlinger wird die Themen automatis...


Av. Eldorado, 478 - Casa Grande, Diadema, Brazil


Av. Eldorado, 478 - Casa Grande, Diadema
SP, 09961-470

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The Brazilian manufacturer of crucibles, CORONA CADINHOS expands its market presence in Europe
The Brazilian manufacturer of crucibles CORONA CADINHOS LTDA. has decided to exp...

Creaform (AMETEK GmbH)

Meisenweg 37 , 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany


Meisenweg 37
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Telefon: +49 711 1856 8030
Fax: +49 711 1856 8099
E-Mail: germany(at)creaform3d.com

Pressemitteilungen & News

WEBINAR - 3D-Scannen: Qualitätssicherung in der Gussindustrie, Teil II – Messen und Auswerten
3D-Scannen: Qualitätssicherung in der Gussindustrie, Teil II – Messen und Aus...
Creaforms HandySCAN BLACK und Go!SCAN SPARK gewinnen Red Dot Awards für Produktdesign
Leinfelden-Echterdingen, 22. Mai 2019 – Creaform, ein weltweit führender Anbi...
Creaform’s HandySCAN BLACK and Go!SCAN SPARK Win the Red Dot Awards for Product Design
Lévis, Canada, May 22, 2019 — Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable and au...


Creaform entwickelt, fertigt und vertreibt mobile und automatisierte 3D-Messtechnologien und ist auf Engineering Services spezialisiert. Das Unternehmen bietet innovative Lösungen wie 3D-Scannen, Reverse Engineering, Qualitätssicherung, zerstörungsfreie Werkstoffprüfung, Produktentwicklung und numerische Simulationen (FEA/CFD) an. Die Produkte und Dienstleistungen zielen auf eine Vielzahl von Branchen, darunter Automobilindustrie, Luft- und Raumfahrt, Verbraucherprodukte, Schwerindustrie, Gesundheitswesen, Fertigung, Öl und Gas, Energieerzeugung sowie Forschung und Bildung. 

Mit Hauptsitz und mehreren Produktionsstätten in Lévis in der kanadischen Provinz Québec, unterhält Creaform verschiedene Innovationszentren in Lévis und Grenoble (Frankreich) sowie Vertriebsniederlassungen in Kanada, den Vereinigten Staaten, Mexiko, Brasilien, Frankreich, Deutschland, Italien, Spanien, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand und Singapur. Creaform ist Teil von AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies, einem Geschäftsbereich von AMETEK Inc., einem weltweit führenden Hersteller von elektronischen Instrumenten und elektromechanischen Geräten mit einem Jahresumsatz von 4,3 Milliarden US-Dollar.

Produkte & Leistungen

Die Produktlinie Go!SCAN 3D ermöglicht besonders benutzerfreundlichen mobile 3D-Scans und schnelle und zuverlässige Messungen. Mit diesen handgeführten 3D-Scannern können 3D-Daten sogar in Farbe erfasst werden.

HandySCAN 3D
Die handgeführten Scanner HandySCAN 3D wurden für die Anforderungen von Fachleuten in der Produktentwicklung, Qualitätskontrolle und für Engineering-Experten entwickelt, die effektive und zuverlässige 3D-Messungen physischer Objekte benötigten.

MetraSCAN 3D
Unvorhergesehene Kosten sowie Verzögerungen in der Produktion und bei der Abnahme von Teilen aufgrund fehlender Konformität stellen nicht länger ein Problem dar, wenn Sie den tragbaren optischen CMM-3D-Scanner von Creaform, den MetraSCAN 3D, nutzen. Die optische Messlösung bietet eine Messgenauigkeit, die unempfindlich gegenüber den Instabilitäten der Umgebung ist, und macht das optische Koordinatenmessgerät MetraSCAN 3D so zur ersten Wahl für Messungen zur Qualitätskontrolle im Fertigungsbereich. 

MetraSCAN 3D-R
Der MetraSCAN 3D-R ist ein leistungsstarker, robotergeführter optischer Scanner, der in Fabrikautomatisierungsprojekte integriert werden kann. Im Gegensatz zu bestehenden Lösungen ist dieser innovative roboterbetriebene 3D-Scanner der einzige, der TRUaccuracy d.h. präzise Messungen für den Betrieb unter realen Einsatzbedingungen für automatisierte Qualitätssicherungsanwendungen bietet. 

Der CUBE-R ist eine schnelle, zuverlässige und effiziente schlüsselfertige Komplettlösung für automatisierte Qualitätssicherungsanwendungen. Dieses automatisierte 3D-Messgerät arbeitet mit dem MetraSCAN 3D-R, einem leistungsstarken, robotergeführten optischen 3D- Scanner, der in Fabrikautomatisierungssysteme integriert werden kann. Es ist die perfekte Alternative zur Lösung aller Produktivitätsprobleme, die durch Engpässe an herkömmlichen Koordinatenmessgeräten (KMG) verursacht werden. 

HandyPROBE Next
Hersteller und Fertigungsmanager können dank tragbarer Messtechnologien eine deutlich höhere Flexibilität und Effizienz bei der Qualitätskontrolle direkt im Fertigungsbereich erzielen. Das tragbare Koordinatenmessgerät (KMG) HandyPROBE Next bietet eine Messgenauigkeit, die unempfindlich gegenüber den Instabilitäten der Umgebung ist. Ohne starren Messaufbau ist die HandyPROBE Next herkömmlichen tragbaren CMMs im Fertigungsbereich klar überlegen.

Die MaxSHOT 3D-Produktpalette von Creaform eröffnet bahnbrechende Möglichkeiten für Produktentwickler, Hersteller, Qualitätskontrolleure und Prüfer, die höchste Messgenauigkeit und Wiederholbarkeit für Großprojekte und Teile zwischen 2 und 10 m benötigen. Stellen Sie sich eine Präzision von mehr als 0,015 mm/m vor!

VXinspect ist eine intuitive und leistungsfähige 3D-Prüfsoftware für Fertigungsunternehmen zum Durchführen von Erstteilprüfungen (First article Inspection, FAI) oder Qualitätskontrollen.

VXmodel ist eine Nachbearbeitungssoftware, die den nahtlosen Abschluss der 3D-Scandaten zur sofortigen Verwendung in jeder CAD- oder 3D-Druck-Software ermöglicht.

VXtrack ist ein Modul für dynamisches Tracking, mit dem Sie Positionsänderungen vornehmen, Montageprozesse vereinfachen oder Verformungen messen können.

ZFP-Rohrleitungsprüfungs-Software Pipecheck für die Öl- und Gasindustrie
Creaform verfügt über die zuverlässigste 3D-Technologielösung für zerstörungsfreie Werkstoffprüfung von Rohren bis zu 18 m, einschließlich eines 3D-Scanners und der Software Pipecheck. Unsere Lösung spart Ihnen Zeit und Geld, ohne die Diagnoseergebnisse, die öffentliche Sicherheit oder die Integritätsbeurteilung zu beeinträchtigen.

Smartdent Software für ZFP-Oberflächenprüfungen für die MRO in der Luft- und Raumfahrt
Creaform bietet eine einfache, benutzerunabhängige und präzise ZFP-Lösung für Dienstleister, die Instandhaltungen, Reparaturen und Überholungen (MRO-Unternehmen) vornehmen sowie auch für Flugzeughersteller und Fluglinien, die zerstörungsfreie Prüfungen für die Flugzeugwartung während des Betriebs durchführen müssen. Diese besteht aus einem 3D-Scanner mit der SmartDENT 3D-Software. Diese Lösung spart Zeit und Geld, geht dabei aber keine Kompromisse bei Diagnoseergebnissen und Sicherheit ein.

Engineering Services
Creaform bietet einem wachsenden Kundenkreis in aller Welt professionelle Engineering-Services an und ist auf die Rundumbetreuung von Projekten jeder Größenordnung spezialisiert. Nach über 10.000 abgeschlossenen Projekten kann Creaform eine solide Erfolgsbilanz als vertrauenswürdiger Anbieter von 3D-Engineering-Services vorweisen. Zu den Kunden zählen international führende Hersteller aus den Bereichen Automobilindustrie, Luft- und Raumfahrt, Massenverkehrsmittel, Freizeitartikel und Verbraucherprodukte.

In Bezug auf Messtechnik-Services, Reverse Engineering und Qualitätskontrolle sind das Know-how und die Zuverlässigkeit von Creaform unübertroffen. Unsere Schulungs- und Integrationsangebote sind voll und ganz auf die Kunden-Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten. Creaform entwickelt und fertigt proprietäre tragbare 3D-Messtechnologien, die täglich von 3D-Experten eingesetzt werden.


Referenzen & Zertifizierungen

References: www.creaform3d.com/en/corporate/our-clients

Creaform ist ISO 9001 und ISO 17025 zertifiziert





Vertriebsniederlassungen in Kanada, den Vereinigten Staaten, Mexiko, Brasilien, Frankreich, Deutschland, Italien, Spanien, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand und Singapur. 

Weitere Informationen 

CRONIMET Envirotec GmbH

Säurestrasse 3, 06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany


Säurestrasse 3
06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Telefon: +49 (0) 3493 72830
E-Mail: support(at)cronimet-envirotec.com

Pressemitteilungen & News

Innovative recycling of foundry waste
With the help of new technologies, metal-bearing dust, grinding sludges and mill...


Innovative recycling of foundry waste 

With the help of new technologies, metal-bearing dust, grinding sludges and mill scale can be returned to the production cycle again. Cronimet Envirotec recovers metal residues from hazardous & non-hazardous waste via vacuum distillation and briquetting.

Every day, large quantities of waste are generated in various foundry processes and in the post-processing or further treatment of metals. Cronimet Envirotec enables the return of foundry waste such as grinding sludges, mill scale, filter dust and metal powders to the production cycle. Waste liable to monitoring and in need of disposal is turned into raw materials which can then be used for metal production in foundries again. 

Materials containing oil and water are processed using innovative vacuum distillation technology. For example, grinding sludge declared as hazardous waste is dried and de-oiled. Due to the vacuum no oxidation occurs, the material's quality is maintained. The process output is distilled water, oil, and metal powder. One advantage of the treatment presents the removal of all volatile contaminations, often caused by the oil so that the metals can be recovered and actually remelted. Furthermore, the hazardousness of the waste and the associated liability for the respective production sites can usually be eliminated via vacuum distillation.

The distillation plant can be attached to a briquetting facility, into which discharged powders will enter directly in order to produce almond-shaped briquettes with binder content of less than 5%. Filter dust and other fine particles can also be briquetted sepreately without the process of vacuum distillation before. Other technologies often use a high proportion of non-metallic binder, which can have a negative influence on the quality of the raw materials. During the whole process the briquettes remain metallic, rather than emerging as an oxide. Consequently the foundry purchasers of the recycled metal do not need to have a reduction process, but can melt the metal directly. It can be handled similarly to solid scrap and results in a higher yield and less slag in the smelter in comparison to the direct recirculation of powders.

For foundries, these innovative recycling methods can add great value. Hazardous waste is turned into high-quality raw materials, either as toll treatment or as a disposal service. The treatment and resulting usability of the metal powders or briquettes represent a cost advantage compared to the extraction of primary raw materials from ores. If sludges and specks of dust with a high alloy content are processed, it is furthermore possible to turn previous disposal cost into profit. In addition to saving energy and resources in comparison to mining primary resources, the described recycling also helps to minimize CO2 emissions and landfill space. This reduces waste balances and increases sustainability overall.



CS Additive GmbH

Rüttenscheider Straße 2, 45128 Essen, Germany


Rüttenscheider Straße 2
45128 Essen

Cyrus GmbH Schwingtechnik

Am Stadion 40, 45659 Recklinghausen, Germany


Am Stadion 40
45659 Recklinghausen

Telefon: +49 (0) 2361 919 20
Fax: +49 (0) 2361 919 215
E-Mail: info(at)Cyrus-germany.com

Pressemitteilungen & News

CYRUS: Up-date to GIFA
The team at Cyrus thanks you very much – for your trust and time you have spen...
Industry 4.0 is not merely a buzzword for CYRUS, but something that is demonstra...
CYRUS stands for long lasting vibration technology & current innovations
Tailor-made solutions&nbsp; Optimize your business &amp; profitMinimize your d...


Who we are

CYRUS was founded in Germany in 1976 and today it continues to be a privately owned company of the FESS GROUP, with headquarters in Recklinghausen (Germany) and a branch office in Pune (India). With a total of 30 employees in Recklinghausen and 20 employees in Pune (India), CYRUS creates customized solutions in the field of vibration technology for foundries and the metallurgy, forging, recycling, raw material and commodity sectors, not to mention the food and foodstuff industries. Especially within the foundry industry, CYRUS is one of the premium partners of the industry in the following segments:

- Vibrating trough conveyors for cast and sand transport
- Vibration conveyors for transporting shot blast material
- Cast cooling conveyors
- Shake-out grids
- Linear and Circular vibration screens
- Furnace charging systems
- Lump crushers

Since 2003, CYRUS has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

How do we think

RESPONSIBILITY CREATES RELIABILITY – At CYRUS everyone takes responsibility for the needs of our partners. Our way of working is distinguished by flat hierarchies and short communication paths.

PRACTICAL THINKING GENERATES ADDED VALUE – The areas of application of vibration technology are virtually unlimited. Therefore CYRUS always places special emphasis on customer-oriented practical benefits, which is why our contributions generate even more added value.

DIALOGUE CREATES UNDERSTANDING – We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, and this allows us to achieve a broader and more profitable perspective, which gives us a distinct advantage in solving the problem.

TEAM PLAY ACHIEVES TOP PERFORMANCE – At CYRUS we focus on the diversity of competences of our staff. As team we deliver top-level solutions to benefit your business.

EXPERIENCE CREATES TRUST – As a basic precondition for dealing with each other, we advise our customers according to empirical values, and reflects subsequently in practice. We won't promise anything to our customers which we cannot deliver and we deliver what we promise.

LEADING GUARANTEES EFFECTIVENESS – We take each other by the hand. The perfect balance of pull and push generates stability in many areas of a complex project implementation. We understand it and know how to implement it.

At a glance

Am Stadion 40, 5659 Recklinghausen (Germany)

CYRUS India, Pune (India)

Type of company:
GmbH (limited liability company)

Managing Director:
Dr. Michael Schulte Strathaus

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