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O.M.LER srl

Via Don Orione 198/E 198/F, 12042 Bandito-Bra (CN), Italy


Via Don Orione 198/E 198/F
12042 Bandito-Bra (CN)

Telefon: +390172457256
Fax: +390172491180
E-Mail: omler(at)omlersrl.com

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O.M.LER : 25 Years in the World’s most important Markets

Established in 1974, O.M.LER srl has been active in many imporant markets in that time, from machining and production, to real estate. Since October 2014,  the company has specialized in producing and selling pneumatic decoring hammers for foundries with the brand name of O.M.LER 2000, O.M.LER srl’s sister company, which manufactures all internal mechanical spare parts for the pneumatic decoring hammers.  

In 2017, the company expanded to an industrial warehouse with ca. 2,000 m2 for the development of new equipment and of complete turnkey lines to pair with the hammers for foundries. A qualified and specialised staff divided into assembly and production areas allows the company to be in step with modern technology.

Over the years, the company has developed a widespread sales network that reaches European countries, as well as overseas ones, like USA, Mexico, Latin America, Far East and South Africa. This has been possible thanks to the sales and technical staff who worked hard to get O.M.LER’s products, in particular the pneumatic decoring hammer for foundries, known and appreciated all over the world. The company has multilingual sales and technical staff and can give after-sales support to customers. Furthermore, repair service activities for European customers are carried out at the Italian headquarters, whereas for the overseas clients this is carried out at the company’s official distributors’ facilities. Countries with O.M.LER’s official distributors include: U.S.A., Mexico, China, India, South Korea and Indonesia. In South Africa, the company cooperates with its local official agent.

O.M.LER srl can offer its worldwide customers several decoring solutions with high standard quality levels. Let’s discover them in detail!

Pneumatic decoring hammers for foundry and monitoring system Thor V4.0
O.M.LER srl has in cooperation with its sister company O.M.LER 2000 designed and manufactured the pneumatic decoring hammer for foundries for several years. The O.M.LER decoring hammer is used to remove the sand core from cast iron, aluminium and steel castings which are produced in foundries using the gravity, low pressure and lost wax process.

Two different decoring hammer models are available, RVC70 and AF1470, and each one has three versions, Standard, MBR and MBL, depending on the casting type to decore. For each model and each version, the AIR-equipment is available: This special equipment is highly recommended if the hammers work in a decoring station with rotation movement or if they work from the bottom upwards.


To check the hammer’s performances during operation O.M.LER recommends using the monitoring system Thor V4.0: A dedicated device that detects the hammer’s frequency by beating. Each device can monitor up to 4 channels (4 hammers) and interface with the main PLC protocols. It is available both with Profinet and with Profibus interface.

Decoring bench
O.M.LER srl designs and manufactures decoring benches according to individual customer’s requirements. A decoring bench is a fixed decoring station where the pneumatic decoring hammers are fastened to the structure and after the necessary adjustments they work in a fixed position, both vertically and horizontally. The hammers used are usually from 1 up to 4. O.M.LER’s decoring bench is the right solution to decore small batch castings.

With this kind of equipment, the castings can be manually or automatically loaded and unloaded, using a robot outside the decoring unit. The castings to be decored will always be placed in the same preset housing that has to be manufactured according to casting size. Furthermore, the unit is placed in a certified soundproof cabin which can contain inside a hopper to collect sand or a conveyor belt to carry outside the sand removed by the casting.

Decoring machine DCB18
The new decoring machine DCB18 is an innovative piece of equipment because it can continuously rotate up to 360° in both rotation directions without stopping the beating action of the pneumatic decoring hammers fastened to its structure. This makes it possible to remove sand cores from foundry castings in a more efficient way. The decoring machine DCB18 allows the simultaneous decoring of several cast iron, aluminium and steel foundry castings using at least a couple of hammers. So, for this reason, O.M.LER’s decoring machine DCB18 is the right equipment to decore big batch castings. 


It is equipped with housings where from 2 up to 4 castings can be placed. The housings can be designed and manufactured according to customers’ requests. The castings positioning in the housings can happen both manually or automatically using a robot outside the decoring machine. Furthermore, with this kind of decoring machine no eccentric masses are used, reducing in this way the frame resonance. The machine is placed inside a soundproof cabin manufactured in accordance to the European regulations EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and UNI EN ISO 11690-1. The cabin can contain a hopper or a conveyor belt to take out the removed sand.

Oelschlaeger Wolfgang GmbH & Co. KG

Unter den Eichen 102, 40625 Düsseldorf, Germany


Unter den Eichen 102
40625 Düsseldorf

Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd.

Morley Way Woodston Peterborough, PE2 7BW Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom


Morley Way Woodston Peterborough
PE2 7BW Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom

Telefon: +4401733232231
Fax: +44 (0)1733 237012
E-Mail: sales(at)ofml.net

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Omega started out as the foundry division of Baker Perkins, who in the early 1970's produced the world's first continuous mixer and sand reclamation plant for the Furan process. They soon after developed the first 'Carousel' rotary moulding system Fascold no-bake Coreshooter and HSM high speed mixer.

In 1984 there was a management buyout which led to the company separating from BP and re-forming as Omega Foundry Machinery Limited. From that time Omega has grown to incorporate a head office and manufacturing facility in Peterborough UK, a JV company in the USA, India and Australia, as well as registered in Turkey. Now with a network of more than 50 worldwide agents, Omega has become one of the largest suppliers of no-bake equipment worldwide.

In 2009, Omega took control of Richards Engineering which gave Thermal Reclamation, Chromite Separation and Sand Coating technology to the group.

Omega's UK headquarters


In 2001 Omega was awarded the UK Department for Trade and Industry Award for exports and in 2009 we were the recipients of the prestigious 'Queens Award for Enterprise and Innovation'

Beschreibung: C:\Documents and Settings\markf.OFML\My Documents\My Pictures\QueensAwards\011c.jpg

Mark Fenyes (Chairman) receives the award from Queen Elizabeth II


Omega also has a research and development centre with Mechanical Reclamation, Thermal Reclamation, Secondary Attrition and Mixing facilities together with a full sand testing laboratory.

Omega has the ability to provide full turn-key solutions to suit all of today's foundry needs as well as full spares and service back-up throughout the world.











Group Logos

Beschreibung: C:\Users\Chris.000\Pictures\omega%20foundry%20logo.jpg Beschreibung: Richards logo 2




Inhouse contact

General Sales and Spares Enquiries sales(at)ofml.net

Tel : 0044 (0)1733 232231

FAX: 0044 (0)1733 237012


Channel of Distribution worldwide

AUSTRALIA: Cast Metal Services Pty Ltd. as well as WES Omega Foundry Machinery (PTY) Ltd
BRAZIL: Bell Industria Metallurgica Ltda
CHINA: Tao Solution
KOREA: Phil Corporation
SOUTH AFRICA: Mondeco Solutions


  • Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering
  • Moulding and core making
    • Moulding machines and plants for non bentonite-bonded moulds
      • Cold-setting resin moulding process, equipment
      • Shell moulding process, equipment
      • Waterglass process, equipment
      • Moulding machines and plants, other processes
    • Core making machines and plants
      • Core blowing and shooting machines and plants
      • Core making machines, other
    • Moulding and core making machines accessories
      • Gassing equipment for moulds and cores
      • Dosing devices for binders and additives
      • Mould handling equipment
      • Core handling equipment
      • Automated core/mould manipulation systems
      • Coating preparation
      • Moulding and coremaking machines, other accessories
  • Moulding sand preparation and sand reclamation
    • Moulding sand preparation
      • Moulding sand mixer
      • Magnetic separators
      • Sand coolers
      • Separators for chromite and silica sand, zircon and silica sand
    • Sand reclamation, plants and machines
      • Sand reclamation of sodium silicate and cement bonded sands
      • Sand reclamation of synthetic resin bonded sands
  • Moulding auxiliaries
  • Knock-out, fettling and finishing
    • Knock-out
      • Knock-out machines
  • Transportation and storage
    • Pneumatic conveyors
    • Bunkers, silos and accessories
  • Manipulation
  • Control systems
    • Control equipment, automation technology
  • Exhaust and ventilation technology
  • Enviromental protection and waste removal
    • Flue gas cleaning plants
    • Dust extraction systems
  • Consultation, planning, services
  • Training, further education



Produkte & Leistungen

  • Continuous mixers 1 to 100 tonnes per hour
  • Carousel moulding lines for mould sizes 800mm x 600mm up to 1600mm x 1200mm
  • Fast Loop moulding lines for mould sizes 1000mm x 800mm up to 7000mm x 1500mm
  • Sand Reclamation 1 to 40 tonnes per hour, 5 different models available
  • Carousel moulding lines
  • Fast Loop moulding lines
  • Sand Reclamation 1 to 40 tonnes per hour
  • Chromite Separation from 2 to 5 tonnes per hour
  • Thermal Reclamation from 100kg to 12 tonnes per hour
  • Secondary Attrition Plants up to 5 tonnes per hour
  • Coreshooters & Gas Generators 2.5L to 130L
  • Amine Gas Scrubbing Systems
  • Sand Coating Plants for shell (croning) and FRAC sand




Polígono Txirrita Maleo, 10, 20100 RENTERIA - GUIPUZCOA, Spain


Polígono Txirrita Maleo, 10

Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG

Schorndorfer Straße 32, 73614 Schorndorf-Weiler, Germany


Schorndorfer Straße 32
73614 Schorndorf-Weiler

Telefon: +49 (0)7181 70 20
Fax: +49(0)7181 75 430
E-Mail: info(at)frech.com

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Copmany Profile

Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG is a leading German manufacturer of hot chamber and cold chamber die casting machines, die casting dies and automation products.
The company has been in great demand in the pressure die casting industry ever since it\'s founding in 1949 and has developed an international sales and service network second to none.


Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG ist der führende Hersteller von Warm- und Kaltkammer-Druckgießmaschinen, Druckgießformen, Automationszubehör sowie Komplett-Lösungen für die Druckgießbranche. Mit 19 internationalen Tochtergesellschaften und Partner-Firmen verfügt Frech über ein weltweit kundenorientiertes Vertriebs- und Servicenetz. Insgesamt werden ca. 700 Mitarbeiter beschäftigt. Seit 60 Jahren setzt das Unternehmen mit seinen Produkten internationale Marktstandards wie z. B. die erste serienmäßig gebaute Magnesium-Warmkammer-Druckgießmaschine (1966) oder die Vorstellung der ersten elektrisch angetriebenen Druckgießmaschine (1999).


Innovationspreis REMS-MURR 2010 (download pdf)

Worldwide Contacts

Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG
Schorndorfer Straße 32
Tel.: +49-(0)7181-70 20
Fax: +49-(0)7181-75 430
Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG
Oskar-Frech-Platz 1
Tel.: +49-(0)7181-70 20
Fax: +49-(0)7181-75 430
Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG
Vertriebs- und Servicecenter Solingen
Höhscheider Weg 29 a
Tel.: +49-(0)212-26228-0
Fax: +49-(0)212-2622826
FRECH Austria GmbH
Koaserbauerstraße 6
Tel.: +43-7612-70 43 012
Fax: +43-7612-70 43 040
E-Mail: office(at)frechaustria.at
FRECH España S.A.
Polígono Ind. Els Xops
Nave N° 2
Tel.: +34-93-84 90 655
Fax: +34-93-84 90 355
E-Mail: ventas(at)frechspain.com
FRECH France
Tel.: +33-387 250 537
Fax: +33-648 487 063
E-Mail: schohn.jean-luc(at)frech.com
FRECH Italia S.R.L
Via Torricelli , n. 185
Tel.: +39-02-9656182
Fax: +39-02-9656244
E-Mail: frech.it(at)tin.it
FRECH Polska Sp, Z.o.o.
ul. Powstancow Sl. 9
Tel.: +48-34-36 69 741
Fax: +48-34-36 69 541
E-Mail: bernard(at)frechpolska.com
FRECH Tools Poland Sp, Z.o.o.
ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 21
58-260 BIELAWA
Tel.: +48-74 645 78 20
Fax: +48-74 645 78 21
E-Mail: marketing(at)frechtools.pl
Eckington Business Centre 2
8 Gosber Street
S21 4DA
Tel.: +44-1246 439125
Fax: +44-1246 439126
E-Mail: info(at)frech.co.uk
FRECH Czech Republic
Sales Office
Svitáckova 30
66447 Strelice
Tel.: +420-606-702 284
Fax: +420-226-015 316
E-Mail: frech(at)volny.cz
FRECH Scandinavia
Sales Office
Uvebergsvägen 31
Tel.: +46-13-36 34 50
Fax: +46-13-36 34 51
E-Mail: frech(at)telia.com
Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG
Repräsentanz Moskau
ul. Urzhumskaja 4
MOSKAU 129343
Tel.: +007-495-782 1710
Fax.:+007-495-620 5768
E-Mail: frech.moskau(at)sovintel.ru
6000 S. Ohio Street
Tel.: +1-219-874-28 12
Fax: +1-219-874-24 34
E-Mail: rtracy(at)frechusa.com
FRECH do Brasil Ltda.
Rua Siqueira Campos , 652 – Sala 02 – Vila Sfeir
CEP 13.330-290 – Indaiatuba – SÃO PAULO
Tel.: +55-19-3894-2897
Fax: +55-11-56310-033
E-Mail: frechdobrasil(at)frechbrasil.com.br
FRECH India Machinery Pvt. Ltd
412, Pride Silicon Plaza
4th Floor Nr. Chatushrungi Temple
Senapati Bapat Road
Pune – 411 016 Maharashtra, INDIA
Tel.: +91-20 40033 982
Fax: +91-20 40033 986
E-Mail: info(at)frechindia.com
FRECH Asia Pte. Ltd.
25 International Business Park
#04-103A, German Centre
Tel.: +65-6562-8999
Fax: +65-6562-8998
E-Mail: frecha(at)singnet.com.sg

FRECH Taiwan Ltd.
No. 182-20, Sec.1, Chung Shan Road
Hsin Chuang City
Tel.: +886-2-8521 8628
Fax: +886-2-8521 8672
E-Mail: frechtwn(at)ms15.hinet.net
FRECH Far East Ltd.
Room 1606, 16/F
Golden Gate Commercial Building
136-138 Austin Road
Tel.: +852-27 21 06 90
Fax: +852-23 14 17 20
E-Mail: frechfareast(at)yahoo.com.hk
FRECH (Shanghai) Die Casting Machine Co., Ltd.
333 Qian Qiao Road
Building No.9-10
Qian Qiao Industry Park
Feng Xian District
Tel.:+86-21-57 59 00 98
Fax:+86-21-57 59 02 87
E-Mail: fch(at)frech-china.com



  • Casting machines and pouring equipment (Gießmaschinen und Gießeinrichtungen)
    • Die-casting machinery and plant (Druckgießmaschinen und -anlagen)
      • Cold chamber die-casting machinery (Kaltkammer-Druckgießmaschinen)
      • Warm chamber die-casting machinery (Warmkammer-Druckgießmaschinen)
    • Peripheral equipment and auxiliary materials for die casting (Peripheriegeräte und Hilfsstoffe für das Druckgießen)
      • Die heater/-cooler units and accessories (Temperiereinrichtungen für Druckgießformen und Zubehör)
  • Pattern and die making (Modell- und Formenbau)
    • Pattern equipment, permanent moulds and accessories (Modelleinrichtungen, Dauerformen und Zubehör)
      • Diecasting dies (Druckgießformen)
  • Gießereianlagen, Projektierung, Bau, Engineering

Ossam AD

North Industrial Zone, 5500 Lovech, Bulgaria


North Industrial Zone
5500 Lovech


Jägerhausstr. 22, 52152 Simmerath-Lammersdorf, Germany


Jägerhausstr. 22
52152 Simmerath-Lammersdorf

Telefon: +49 2473 601-0
Fax: +49 2473 601-600
E-Mail: info(at)otto-junker.de

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Risikominimierung durch Modernisierung mit SIMATIC S7 Steuerung Steigerung de...


Company Profile:

Founded in 1924, OTTO JUNKER GmbH has accumulated 90 years of experience in the development, design and operation of melting, pouring and heat-treatment systems for the foundry industry, as well as for extrusion and rolling mills producing semi-finished products of non-ferrous metals. The company has evolved into a powerful industrial group with a global presence. As a market leader, it delivers high levels of customer satisfaction.

With a staff of more than 650 employees working in companies in Germany, North America, the Czech Republic, China and the United Arab Emirates, OTTO JUNKER is globally represented by service agencies, manufacturing cooperations and sales offices in more than 30 countries.

The product range of OTTO JUNKER for the cast iron, steel, aluminium and copper based alloys industries comprises the main processes from melting equipment to heat treatment systems (pre-heating, annealing, homogenizing, quenching and tempering, artificial ageing, handling and finishing technology). Further to that, the product range includes special applications for induction furnace technology, such as melting of magnesium as well as melting and refining of silicon.

Since 1982, the OTTO JUNKER company has been owned by the OTTO-JUNKER-FOUNDATION. Consistent with the Foundation's charter, it promotes the training of young engineers at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) and sponsors research and development in the fields of metallurgy and electrical engineering. These close ties provide the company with ready access to advanced technologies and processes and speed up time-to-market cycles for plant and equipment made by OTTO JUNKER.

In the field of plant and equipment for the cast iron/steel, aluminium and copper based alloys industries, the products and services comprise the following:

  • Engineering and implementation of complete melting and pouring plant
  • Melting, holding and pouring furnace systems


  • Medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces
  • Channel-type induction furnaces
  • Pressurized pouring furnaces and unheated pouring units

These medium-frequency melting systems have become a general-purpose metallurgical tool for melting, holding and pouring a broad diversity of metals. The technical and economic benefits of OTTO JUNKER's medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces have gained them increasing currency throughout the foundry and semi-finished products industries. Their basic advantages lie in the direct input of heat into the metal with almost no temperature overshoot, in the selectively controlled bath movement and in the metallurgically neutral melting regime.

Technical characteristics

  • Close temperature and process control
  • High analysis accuracy and reproducibility
  • High melting rates thanks to high power density
  • Flexibility in use, without problems on changeover to another melt type or grade
  • Melting operation without heel
  • Suitability for diverse charge materials
  • Selective metallurgical melt management

Economic characteristics

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low melting loss
  • High availability
  • Outstanding ease of operation / maintenance
  • Low building cost thanks to compact design
  • Minimum erection time due to pre-assembled equipment modules
  • Low labour cost


OTTO JUNKER's channel-type induction furnaces are used successfully both for melting and pouring copper based alloys and for holding and storing cast iron.

The advantages of channel-type induction furnaces lie in their very good efficiency and almost unlimited design freedom as regards the geometry of the furnace vessel. The use of a filling and pouring siphons reduces the slag volume, ensures high metal purity and minimizes gas pick-up.

A channel furnace is the ideal melt storage and collecting unit for cupola melting operations of the grey iron foundry industry. The arrangement of its tilting axis in the filling gate and pouring spout plane allows the furnace to be charged and discharged continuously without any problem.

In melting copper based alloys, a channel furnace uses nearly 100 kWh/t less energy than its coreless counterpart - an invaluable advantage. Since the furnace vessel can be designed into virtually any shape, these units can be employed for special pouring tasks.

OTTO JUNKER equipment for the automation of melt pouring processes has been used successfully for years in cast iron foundries. Depending on the task at hand, the choice is between a pressurized pouring furnace and an unheated pouring system.
Automation provides a superior repeatability of the pour, which is otherwise dependent on operator experience and skills, and allows optimized pouring profiles to be accurately followed. Both result in a greatly improved casting quality and reduced scrap rates and returns.
Thus, cost and process reliability benefits as well as closer quality tolerances are key factors speaking in favour of an automated pouring system.

OTTO JUNKER equipment is designed and built to comply with all relevant safety and environmental codes and regulations.

The outstanding melting and pouring furnaces operated by OTTO JUNKER's in-house foundry form the basis for the company's successful planning and implementation of entire production lines.

An extensive range of services, ensuring fast and efficient customer support all over the world, effectively rounds out the company's comprehensive range of high-grade plant and equipment systems:

  • Inspection and preventive maintenance
  • Spare part supplies
  • Troubleshooting and assistance with malfunctions and technical disruptions
  • Equipment repairs and reconditioning
  • Upgrades and conversions
  • Staff training and briefing



OTTO JUNKER worldwide



OTTO JUNKER Metallurgical Equipment (Shanghai) Ltd.
Shanghai Yangpu Qu
Bo Yang Lu No. 16

Phone:    +86 (0) 21 6580 5796
Fax:    +86 (0) 21 6580 6081
E-Mail:    shanghai@otto-junker.com.cn
Internet:    www.otto-junker.de

Mr. FEI Yin – General Manager

OTTO JUNKER Middle East:

OTTO JUNKER GmbH - Middle East Office
Hyatt Regency Galeria, App. 1309
P. O. Box 6655

Phone:    +971 4 209 6146
Fax:        +971 4 209 1238
Mobile:    +971 50 2523918; +49 172 8096705
Email:    sal@otto-junker.de
Internet: www.otto-junker.de

Mr. Ali Scharei, Chief Representative


WEST CHICAGO, IL 60186-0645

Phone:     +1 630 231 377 0
Fax:     +1 630 231 377 5
E-Mail: info@junkerinc.com
Internet: www.otto-junker.de

Mr. Dietmar Breuer

Sales and Service

Partner Brazil:

R. Mathilde Ferrari Marcon, 1130

Phone:    +55 (11) 21768205
Fax:    +55 (11) 21768220
Email:    mvieira@servtherm.com.br

Mr. Milton Vieira, Depto. Técnico Comercial


  • DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000

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