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P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.

Unit 17, Deerdykes View Cumbernauld, G68 9HN Glasgow, United Kingdom


Unit 17, Deerdykes View Cumbernauld
G68 9HN Glasgow
United Kingdom

Telefon: +00 44 (0) 1236 724 215
Fax: +00 44 (0) 1236 730 400
E-Mail: mike.westley(at)psautogrinding.co.uk

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Company Profile

PS Auto Grinding Limited offers Automated Grinding, Fettling and Cutting Solutions for Foundries for castings up to 325KG and 1.6M in Diameter for;

  • Aluminium
  • Iron
  • Brass
  • Bronze.
Sold as Series 400 and Series 500, the machines were designed by leading Japanese Foundry, Koyama Corporation in 1973 to solve their own grinding shop problems of bottlenecks in production, high labour, high inspection costs, variable quality and high accidents.
Now marketed worldwide, Series 400 and 500 have combined sales of over 2000 machines and outsell its nearest competitors by over 5:1.
90% of PS Auto Grinding Limited foundry clients repurchase after buying their first machine. This is testament to the product performance, return on investment, and Award Winning back up service which comes as standard.

How Does it Work:

Series 400 & 500 were designed to replace traditional grinding by hand tools, fixed machines and band saw with an automated, simple to operate system with an effective tooling system. There are four significant advantages that make the system the simplest, most effective, safest and best selling available on the market.

  1. Featuring, specifically designed for grinding, shorter Robotic Arms that provide both the flexibility and robustness when manipulating castings up to 325KGs for 23 Hours per day, 7 days a week. Alongside this, the patented tilting mechanism for both the main wheel and the small fettling tool ensures that most, if not all, of a casting can be cut, ground or fettled in one fast cycle.
  2. A Control System that was designed to be operated and programmed by non skilled foundry workers. Most castings can be fully programmed in just a few hours allowing foundries to quickly move from long to medium then to short production runs as required in as little time as possible. A typical changeover can be effected in 4 minutes.

  3. A range of Diamond Wheels and Tools designed to work perfectly with Series 400 & 500. The net result is that foundries can now get 100% consistent results and foundries report that they can get up to 200,000 castings life(5-10KG with light/medium flash) from one diamond wheel making this a very cost effective solution.
  4. A fully enclosed Grinding System with provision for Extraction. This has practically eliminated eye and finger injuries, and foundries no longer require to manage Vibration White Finger in their Fettling Shops.
What are the Major Benefits


Two comparable foundries with similar outputs and castings in the EU zone were compared in 2011. One Foundry continued with its traditional hand grinding operation costing over €1,000,000 per year to operate.
The second Foundry bought three Series 400 machines, on a five year lease plan and reduced their costs to just over €500,000 per year, potentially saving €2,500,000 over five years and having 3 assets that would give another 10 years operation seamlessly.
Another foundry decided to grind in-house after previously outsourcing grinding realised that they could save €240,000 per year by using 2 Series 400 machines and pay off the cost of capital in less than 2 years.
With one machine being at least 2-3 times faster and one operator being able to easily work up to three machines in a 'cell' it is easy to see the financial gains available from this technology.


Much faster than traditional grinding. One machine can be 2-3 times faster than a grinder and work constantly 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cost per casting ground can be reduced by more than 50%. Bottlenecks due to labour problems are reduced. Series 400 & 500 can cut and grind in one operation often eliminating the need for separate work stations.

Less labour is required to produce more output reducing both direct cost and indirect management costs such as Training, HR, Health and Safety.


Castings are produced to a 100% consistency. The quality of grinding produced by Series 400 & 500 is so consistent that inspection is virtually eliminated and rejections of scrap castings are greatly reduced. This saves cost as well as reducing the supervision and support staff normally associated with grinding operations.

Any variances or misfits 'upstream' in the casting process are highlighted much faster than hand grinding therefore allowing rapid correction avoiding as much large batch rejections and recasting as possible.

Foundries are reporting that major customers in sectors such as Automotive and Transport are requesting that Automatic Grinding Systems are in place. Manufacturers such as Renault recognise that foundries with this technology are both the lowest cost and highest quality. Lower accidents are also a factor they consider.

New order winning due to competitive costs and excellent quality due to investments such as Series 400 & 500 is helping foundries such as Castings plc. in UK (37 Series 400 & 500) prosper in very hard and competitive markets.


Programs can be written by non skilled workers in as little as two hours with no previous programming skill.
Foundries report that they have hundreds of programs and that they can change from one casting to another in literally minutes.
It takes one day to install a new Series 400 & 500 and having it running at production compared to adapted robotic systems.


Good Health and Safety is good business. Foundries report greatly reduced costs due to fewer accidents, less absenteeism, less training and management of Health and Safety, and benefits with insurance premiums. This simply is achieved by automating the cutting and grinding process in a sealed unit therefore taking the possibilities of eye and hand injuries, vibration related diseases and respiratory issues away.

Improving and proactive Management of Health and Safety can be a major factor when attempting to win work from major suppliers.

PSAG Only Want Delighted Customers

The minimum standards set by our Founder and Managing Director is that all customers must be delighted with our products from both a technical point of view and be delighted that the investment in Series 400 & 500 is a very good decision.
Series 400 & 500 Automatic Grinding Machines have many benefits but in order to establish that we can offer a solution the following process normally occurs;

  1. PSAG will visit the foundry and investigate the current operation
  2. PSAG will conduct initial viability tests from castings and produce draft financial comparison for foundry with potential savings, if any.
  3. PSAG will trial actual castings and record timings, photographs and comments.
  4. Financial comparisons with current processes will be firmed up with actual casting cycle times.
  5. Quotation will be supplied and PSAG will ask customer to take reference visits or communication from any PSAG customer
  6. If customer decides to go ahead final details will be concluded and delivery arranged.
  7. Series 400 or 500 is installed in 1-2 Days and PSAG spend 3 days on site training operators, programmers and maintenance.
  8. Final acceptance and payment is agreed after successful Production to pre agreed standards are completed.

Please contact PS Auto Grinding Limited for a FREE SURVEY of your grinding operation and compare how much you could save as well as improving your quality, reducing your rejection rate and making the department safer.

In House Contact

Mike Westley
Sales Manager
Tel +44(0)1236 724215
Mobile +44(0)7554 752879
Email: mike.westley(at)psautogrinding.co.uk

Channel of distribution worldwide

PS Auto Grinding Limited offers Technical, Sales, Service and Support in the following Countries:
Please contact 0044(0)1236724215 or info(at)psautogrinding.co.uk to arrange contact in your region.

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovenia
  • Hungry
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Egypt
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Scandinavia
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Slovakia
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • North Africa


PS Auto Grinding offer Automatic Grinding Machines, designed by foundrymen for their own foundry initially, which have a unique design and performance unlike anything comparable on the marketplace.

Firstly, they have modified and merged the technology from Robotics to move and manipulate castings into an infinite range of positions ready for cutting and grinding. They have matched this with a unique and patented tilting, rather than fixed, grinding wheel mechanism which means, with a simple fixture to hold a casting in place, most castings can now be cut and ground much faster than hand grinding in one cycle. The design of the Robotic arms has been made much shorter and much more substantial than a conventional robots and this is what has lead to Series 400 & 500's excellent reliability record. 98% + uptime is recorded (April 2011) by customers, and the robustness to last 15 years plus with little variance on uptime or running costs is also being reported.

Secondly, all Series 400 & 500 Models come with a unique Control System. Designed to be programmed by the same workers that undertook the hand grinding previously, castings can be programmed by non skilled workers in less than 2 hours. No previous CNC or Robotic Programming experience is required-Guaranteed! The system is so flexible that many foundries have hundreds of fixtures and ready made programs to start production almost immediately. Changeovers from one program to another take on average 4 minutes making jobbing work, in particular, easy and more cost effective.

Lastly, PS Auto Grinding Limited has developed a range of Diamond Wheels and Tools that are designed to give optimum performance, long life and compatibility with the Series 400 & 500 machines for both ferrous and non ferrous materials. Unlike normal diamonds or abrasives which will wear and become smaller in diameter under use, PS Auto Grinding Diamond Wheels and Tools maintain the same diameter throughout their working life. This means that castings are ground exactly the same without any adjustment required. As well as this, the ability to design almost any special wheels or tools for any casting that PS Auto Grinding is presented with gives Foundries the ability to offer the very best quality at the lowest cost whether it is for long, medium or very short production runs.


  • Knock-out, fettling and finishing (Ausleeren, Putzen, Rohgußnachbehandlung)
    • Fettling installations (Trenn- und Entgrateinrichtungen)
      • Deflashing machines (Entgratmaschinen)
      • Sawing machines (Sägen)
      • Gating and feeding systems separator machines and installations (Speiser- und Eingußabtrennmaschinen und -einrichtungen)
      • Abrasive cut-off machines and wheels (Trennschleifmaschinen und Schleifscheiben)
      • Fettling facilities, other (Trenn- und Entgrateinrichtungen, sonstige)
    • Grinding machines and accessories (Schleifmaschinen und Zubehör)
      • Grinding machines, automatic controlled (Schleifmaschinen, automatisch gesteuert)
      • Grinding wheels (Schleifscheiben)
      • Grinding technology, others (Schleiftechnik, sonstige)
    • Fettling tools and fettling accessories, general (Putzereiwerkzeuge und Putzereibedarf, allgemein)
      • Fettling chambers, fettling benches, fettling cabins (Putzhäuser, Putztische, Putzstände, Putzkabinen)
      • Fettling tools and sundries (Putzereihandwerkzeuge und Putzereibedarf)
  • Surface treatment
  • Industrial safety and ergonomics

Pangborn Group

4630 Coates Drive, Fairburn, GA 30213-2975, USA


4630 Coates Drive
Fairburn, GA 30213-2975

Telefon: +1 404 665-5700
Fax: +1404 665-5700
E-Mail: info(at)pangborngroup.com

Vertretungen weltweit

Pangborn - China
c/o United Conveyor Corporation (Tianjin) Ltd. B910 SOHO, 88 Jianguo Road
100022 Chaoyang District, Beijing
Phone: +86 10 8580 1929/8580 1930/8580 1931
Fax: +86 10 8580 1932
Pangborn - Italy
Via Enrico Fermi 75
21042 Caronno Pertusella
Phone: +39 02 9639951
Fax: +39 02 9656741
V+S Vogel & Schemmann Maschinebau GmbH
Schwerter Strasse 200
58099 Hagen
Phone: +49 2331 965 3
Fax: +49 2331 965 521
Pangborn - United Kingdom
Park Works, Bagillt Road
CH8 7EP Greenfield, Holywell, Flintshire
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1352 712412
Fax: +44 (0) 1352 710937
Pangborn - Mexico
Av. Chapultepec 1610, Edificio ILEVA 1er Piso
78295 Col Privadas del Pedregal, San Luis Potosí
Phone: +52 (444) 274-0328

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Pangborn designs, manufactures, and services shot blast and surface preparation solutions for a range of industries and processes, including foundry and forge, metalworking and descaling, automotive and rail, defense and energy, and agricultural and infrastructure. Pangborn’s flexible customer-centric approach leads the way in all aspects of the surface preparation industry with unique designs, heavy-duty applications, and best-in-class service and support. Headquartered in Fairburn Georgia, USA, Pangborn has global offices in Germany, Italy, Mexico, China and the United Kingdom.

For more information about Pangborn, please visit www.pangborn.com.

Pillar Induction

21905 Gateway Road, 53045 Brookfield, United States


21905 Gateway Road
53045 Brookfield
United States

Telefon: +2623175300
Fax: 262-317-5394
E-Mail: sales(at)pillar.com


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Pillar serves the foundry industry with reliable and rugged solid state power supplies, coupled with their Steel Shell and Steel Frame Furnaces. These furnaces are well suited to meet or exceed the requirements for workplace EMF exposure limits that have recently been revised both domestically and internationally. Pillar also offers box furnaces, drop coil furnaces, hand furnaces, lift swing furnaces, stack furnaces and vacuum furnaces. These and other industry exclusive innovations are what keep Pillar a leader in the Induction marketplace.

Pillar is a technically oriented, sales and marketing driven company founded on the strength of their people. The Brookfield facility is home to an expert staff of engineering and manufacturing professionals, excelling in electrical and mechanical design and applications engineering. Pillar’s success is attributable to clearly defining and satisfying the customers’ diverse needs and an on-going commitment to remain an industry leader.

Pillar Induction is part of Ajax Tocco Magnethermic group of companies. ATM is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of world class induction heating and melting equipment for various industries throughout the world. In addition ATM provides a wide range of engineering and aftermarket services including laboratory process development, preventative maintenance, equipment repair and parts, coil repair, and installation services. Headquartered in Warren, Ohio, ATM has manufacturing and service locations throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Poland, Belgium, China, Japan, Thailand, the UK, and Mexico.


  • Pillar Induction
  • Pillar Induction
  • Pillar Induction

Produkte & Leistungen

Pillar Induction - Forging

Induction heating is the most energy-efficient and controllable method for applying heat during the heat treating process. Its non-contact nature enables high production rates that meet the most demanding metallurgical requirements. The localized heating and direct coupling into the part minimizes the heat in the local environment, enhancing operator safety and comfort.

Pillar Induction - Heat Treating
Induction heating is the most energy-efficient and controllable method for applying heat during the heat treating process. Its non-contact nature enables high production rates that meet the most demanding metallurgical requirements. The localized heating and direct coupling into the part minimizes the heat in the local environment, enhancing operator safety and comfort. As a leading supplier and innovator of induction heating solutions, Pillar Induction has the experience and product necessary

Pillar Induction - Melting
Pillar’s Induction Melting Division has a long history of supplying induction melting systems for a variety of applications throughout the foundry industry. We pride ourselves on supplying the most reliable, durable and efficient equipment available to the industry today. Our line of induction melting furnaces range in capacity from 1 pound to 20 Tons. Pillar offers coreless induction systems for the following applications: Small Ferrous Systems, Large Ferrous Systems, and Nonferrous Systems.

PLANSEE Composite Materials GmbH

Siebenbürgerstraße 23, 86983 Lechbruck am See, Germany


Siebenbürgerstraße 23
86983 Lechbruck am See

Polmag Sp. z o.o.

ul. Niemiecka 2, 47-143 Olszowa, Poland


ul. Niemiecka 2
47-143 Olszowa

Polmag Sp. z o.o.

ul. Niemiecka 2, 47-143 Olszowa, Poland


ul. Niemiecka 2
47-143 Olszowa

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pour-tech AB

Industrivägen 39, 43361 Sävedalen, Schweden


Industrivägen 39
43361 Sävedalen

Telefon: +46 (0)31 - 340 88 90
Fax: +46 (0)31 - 26 87 35
E-Mail: info(at)pour-tech.com

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Welcome to pour-tech AB

At pour-tech AB, we specialize in Automatic Pouring Systems for Iron Foundries. Using Laser Technology, we market the pourTECH System, undoubtedly the best pouring system available in the market today – no exceptions. We provide complete pouring systems featuring unheated ladles for new installations. We also supply lasers, pouring controls and actuators for integration with other equipment, such as furnaces and existing ladles.

With our pouring systems, our customers benefit from eliminations of overpours and scrap (resulting in significant re-melt costs savings) improved pouring repeatability (for improved quality) and higher productivity. Thanks to these benefits, the pourTECH system has the highest repeat customer rate of any pouring system in the market.

Pyrotek Inc.

705 West 1st Avenue, WA 99201 Spokane, USA


705 West 1st Avenue
WA 99201 Spokane

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