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Clean Air. Save Energy.

Your industry expert for air filtration & smoke extraction systems in foundries for 30 years!
2.000 ULTRAVENT® systems installed in foundries worldwide

KMA is an international environmental technology company for industrial applications headquartered in Germany and with a subsidiary in Shanghai. As leading solution provider KMA offers energy efficient exhaust air filter systems and 60 years of business experience relating to air purification, air filtration and heat recovery in various industry sectors – global market leader for air filtration in die casting foundries.

Less energy consumption means less costs.

In comparison with conventional exhaust air filtration systems KMA filter systems often save more than 80 % of energy costs. The energy savings are normally accompanied by a high reduction of CO2 emissions and thus a significant improvement of the customer’s carbon footprint.

Therefore, KMA filter systems have received a number of awards for their high eco-efficiency, e.g. the EU FoodTech Award and MM Award for Innovation. KMA has been honored recently with the LUDWIG SME Award in the category INNOVATION 2018.


Exhaust Air Filtration & Smoke Extraction Systems

Broad range of solutions for every die casting application

KMA air filtration systems dispose of a large range of standardized units in modular and flexible construction which permits its use for every foundry. This creates “tailor-made“ solutions and nevertheless allows the advantage of series production. At the same time the modular system enables individual adaptions to the die casting production facility.

Strong in separation performance. Small in energy consumption.

During the casting process often occur greasy, oily and pasty smokes, which can quickly clog the filter when using unsuitable filter material and thus could result in high follow-up and exchange costs. With the modular ULTRAVENT® system KMA offers an exhaust air filtration system especially developed for the foundry, which allows due to its cleverly harmonized elements the exact adaptation of the filter system to the needs of the foundry. In this way, dust, smoke, but also sticky or greasy aerosoles and various odours can be high efficiently filtered.

Our electrostatic filter cells achieve a high-grade separation of smoke, dust, fine mist and also sticky or greasy aerosols – for optimal clean air quality. The energy consumption of our electrostatic filter cells for an exhaust air volume of 5.000 m3/h meets the energy consumption of a 100 W light bulb.

Best-in-class filter separation – Energy efficient & durable

How does it work? The filter system consists of demister, electrostatic filter cells and automatic filter cleaning system. The core of the ULTRAVENT® system are electrostatic filter cells. These filters generate a strong electric field with little effort. The dust particles, smoke and aerosols are drawn to the collector plates. An automated and unique cleaning system („dish washer“) removes the residue. Changing the filter becomes unnecessary. The result: 99 % filtration efficiency.

Exhaust air filter systems can be manufactured as stand-alone solutions or connecting several machines to one filter station. The ULTRAVENT® is also suitable for an operation in a circulating air as well as exhaust air mode. The question of which system is used, is decided by the individual needs of the company. The key is: Whether in the circulating air or exhaust air mode, KMA ULTRAVENT® filter systems reduce energy consumption for air purification in foundries by up to 80 % and protect effectively the environment. KMA already sold more than 2,000 ULTRAVENT® systems around the world.  

Find out more about KMA energy efficient Exhaust Air Filtration & Smoke Extraction Systems for die casting machines:

Learn how our customers save up to 80 % of their operation costs with KMA:
From conventional extract air mode, to an air filter system with heat recovery and heat pump up to energy saving air recirculation mode – there are various air filtration methods for die casting machines.
Which method fits best to your production facility is explained in the following case study.



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