Thomas Fritsch (CEO)

Sebastianstr. 4, 87629 Füssen, Germany


No. 1 online-portal for the foundry industry – known all over the world!

Summary is an international B2B internet portal, specifically for foundries, foundry industry suppliers, consultants, students and buyers of metal castings. Since the launch back in 2005 it has grown continuously, and has become today’s No.1 onlineportal for the foundry industry, known all over the world. gives you the unique opportunity to reach your customers worldwide in many different languages. This is accomplished by stunning simplicity; with one exclusive and most widespread medium.


Sebastianstr. 4
87629 Füssen

Telefon 08362-930850

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Tendencies of development in the Russian Foundry Industry 2019

Während der internationalen Fachausstellung Litmash, wie immer vorbildlich orga...

Tendencies of development in the Russian Foundry Industry 2019

During the international exhibition Litmash, as always very well organized by Me...

Happy Easter from Foundry-Planet!

Dear Friends and Readers, We wish you a happy Easter holiday and a wonderful an...
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