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06. June 2007

ArcelorMittal Launches Its New Global Brand 'TRANSFORMING TOMORROW'


Business Wire reports that ArcelorMittal, the world's leading steel company, today launched its brand identity and design.

"Today we are announcing what ArcelorMittal stands for, what it intends to achieve and by what values and guiding principles we are going to operate" said Lakshmi Mittal, President and CEO of ArcelorMittal. "We wanted a positioning which not only reflects the strategy of the business but also reflects the responsibility we have as the leading player in our sector and one of the world's largest companies, with major operations in 27 countries and 320,000 employees. We know that our position in the steel industry brings unique responsibilities. We are committed to setting globally recognised standards with the needs of future generations in mind."

To reflect the company's values and aspirations, the brand is based on the theme of TRANSFORMING TOMORROW. Supporting the central positioning of TRANSFORMING TOMORROW are three main values, -Sustainability, Quality and Leadership. These are defined as follows:

SUSTAINAIBILITY: Our commitment to the world around us extends beyond the bottom line, to include the people in which we invest, the communities we support and the world in which we operate. This long-term approach is central to our business philosophy.

QUALITY: We look beyond today to envision the steel of tomorrow. Because quality outcomes depend on quality people, we seek to attract and nurture the best people to deliver superior solutions to our customers.

LEADERSHIP: We are visionary thinkers, creating opportunities every day. This entrepreneurial spirit brought us to the forefront of the steel industry. Now, we are moving beyond what the world expects of steel.

The brand has been created to reflect the identity and values of the new company which was created last year through the merger of the number one and two companies in the industry, Mittal Steel and Arcelor. Both companies had played a significant role in transforming the steel industry towards a more sustainable model. Combined they have created a more diversified and stronger group - the ideal platform for continuing this drive of transformation.

"The steel industry is in a stronger position today than it has been for many years," said Mr Mittal. "This is largely due to consolidation and globalisation which is helping to create a more stable operating environment. As the sector leader, we expect ArcelorMittal to remain at the forefront of this transformation. This is important for all of our stakeholders."

Transforming Tomorrow also reflects the intrinsic role steel has in the world. "It is easy to forget the role steel plays in the modern world," said Mr Mittal. "It is in the houses we live, the cars we drive, the trains we travel in. We very much see the purpose of ArcelorMittal as being to continue to develop steel of the highest quality in order to help transform the quality of the world around us."

The launch of the new brand is also an important part of the integration process, in that it creates a common bond for all of our employees and a clear set of values which we intend to be visible in the company at all times. "Integration has been going very well," said Mr Mittal. "But clearly the company of our size needed a defined positioning and a clear set of values under which we will operate. The brand has been very positively received by our employees and we will be working to ensure that it remains the guiding principles for the future direction we take as a business."

On Monday, June 4, ArcelorMittal will also launch its new "BOLDNESS CHANGES EVERYTHING" global advertising campaign. The creation of ArcelorMittal was a bold step, but one which will be an important part of transforming the future of the steel industry," said Nicola Davidson, Vice President of Corporate Communications. "We believe that boldness is an important part of the spirit of ArcelorMittal and is one of the qualities which differentiates us from our peers. Bold moves have brought positive change to the world around us for many centuries. Our advertising campaign is a celebration of how such moves can really help transform the world."

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