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01. February 2006

ASCOJET – more than just a cleaning method

ASCOJET – more than just a cleaning method

ASCO is a provider of complete individual dry ice blasting solutions

Different ASCOJET dry ice blasting machines with various blasting guns and nozzles for different applications

  • - Air preparation plants to grant a proper blasting air quality

  • - Dry ice storage containers to keep sublimation loss to a minimum
  • - Dry ice production machines to ensure continuous high quality dry ice and maximum flexibility in the daily working process

  • - CO2 gas revert recovery systems to reach a higher conversion rate when producing dry ice

  • - CO2 storage tanks / CO2 delivery

  • - CO2 gas detectors measuring the CO2 concentration in the working area to protect personnel / complete safety concepts
  • - Special projects like automation, noise control etc.

The overview in the picture shows the cycle of such a complete system.

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