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12. September 2012

China steel imports and exports in August 2012

Customs reported that China imported steel products of 1.2 million tonnes in August, decreasing by 11.5% or 160,000 tonnes over prior year while increasing by 3.7% or 40,000 tonnes from that in July.

Steel products exports attained 4.24 million tonnes up by 1% or 40,000 tonnes from the same period last year while down 1.6% or 70,000 tonnes from that in July. Meanwhile, China imported 30,000 tonnes billets in August. Convert steel products into crude steel, China gained crude steel net exports of 3.2 million tonnes up by 9% or 260,000 tonnes over a year ago while down 3.6% or 120,000 tonnes from that in July.

Besides, China imported iron ore of 62.45 million tonnes in August, increasing by 4.58 million tonnes from a month ago; coke exports presented to be 50,000 tonnes, decreasing by 60,000 tonnes over prior month.

Source: steelhome.cn/en

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