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18. December 2007

EuroMold 2007

EuroMold 2007

convinces and fascinates the visitors also in the 14th year

EuroMold, World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development, convinced the audience in its 14th year, too. 61.720 visitors from 83 countries came to Frankfurt to get informed: Latest products, concepts and strategies are of essential importance for this industrial area and make the daily work much easier. Compared to last year, DEMAT GmbH, exhibition management of EuroMold, succeeded to increase the visitors rate about 2.1 percent.

EuroMold with its successful concept „From Design to Prototyping to Series Production“ shows the whole process chain and fills up the different industrial sectors with exhibitors. This increases the value of the show for the visitors. Attendees can discuss the realization of an idea with designers, with experts of simulation they can discuss the optimization of process flow and possible cost decrease and with specialists in the branch field materials they can talk about advantages and disadvantages of different materials.

The industrial sector design had grown continuously in the last years. 2006, eight percent of all EuroMold visitors came out of this branch, which means, it was the fifth´ biggest group of visitors. This fact was stayed abreast this year, too – on the special theme design+engineering and the platform Design Talents. Young designers or companies could present themselves, their ideas and products. EuroMold offers them the chance to make contacts and paves the way for cooperation and business. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Döring, exhibition management of EuroMold, said in his inauguration address: “DEMAT GmbH tries to make the fair better every year. The feedback and the critical arguments of the exhibitors are very important for us to achieve this target.” Reinhard Bolz, EDAG, said: “Numerous branch visitors were at our booth, so several promising contacts could be made.” Uwe Vieregge, OneCNC, was also very positive about the fair. „EuroMold was fantastic for us, about 25 percent contacts more than last year and 2006 was good as well.” Uwe Vieregge is quite sure: „See you next year in Frankfurt,” was what he told DEMAT.

This year, DEMAT GmbH, succeeded again to track and visualize the needs of the visitors. Numerous special themes, forums, expert rounds and conferences contributed to this success as well as the huge number of exhibitors in the different areas of the process chain. Additionally, the focus was targeted on China and India by two forums. These two nations have already today a leading position in the world market and will in the future be on advance, too. To be aware of habits and mentality is of importance for all businessmen, who want to make business there. EuroMold offered visitors the opportunity to inform themselves about China and India and to learn from businessmen, who already are working successfully in these countries.

More than 1654 exhibitors from 43 countries took part at EuroMold 2007 and they were all very pleased with the fair – high quality of attendees, many interesting discussions and a lot of business contacts; the first reactions were very positive. Michael Schedler, Dörries Scharmann Technologie GmbH, said after the fair: “EuroMold 2007 did exceed our high expectations. Quality and internationality of the attendees were excellent, as well as the technical discussions. This and the economic development make us expect very good business after the fair. EuroMold has once again impressively underlined its status as the World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling.”

This year, most of the foreign exhibitors came from China (21.36%), followed by Italy (10.23%), South Corea (6.58%), Great Britain (4,94%), Switzerland (4,75%), France (4,02%), Spain (4,02%), The Netherlands (3,83%), Turkey (3,83%), USA (3,83%), Austria (3,10%), Taiwan (3,10%), India (2,92%), Hong Kong (2,55%), and Portugal (2,55%).

Again, most exhibitors this year came from the sector Moldmaking & Tooling (25.08%), followed by Patternmaking & Prototyping (9.58%), Rapid Prototyping & Tooling (8.60%), Engineering (8.40%), Software & Hardware (7.76%), Machine Tools (6.88%), Tools (6,58%), Design (6.54%), QA & Automation (4.57%), Materials (4.37%), Accessories (3.73%), Processing & Post-Processing (2.41%), Coating (1.72%), Peripherals (0.59%), Others (3.0%).

Visitors, who wanted to view the whole industrial process chain attended the special show Mold + Die Center, where thirty participating companies went step by step to show the entire process chain “From Design to Prototyping to Series Production”, and produced on site “the coral” – a pen holder to keep office desks tidy. After seeing real production done, EuroMold visitors now have a much better idea how precision work, time and energy is actually involved in creating and manufacturing goods of consistently high quality.

The EuroMold Awards in gold, silver and bronze honour companies with an innovative product, concept, or service. This year, the Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG got the bronze award, for an innovative reduced-sprue zinc die casting process, with better casting quality and reduced costs. The silver award went to the BBG GmbH & Co. KG, which developed a module consisting of a solar collector and a photo-voltaic system, in cooperation with Solarzentrum Allgäu. The module consists of a solar collector paired with a photovoltaic module, and permits the simultaneous use of solar energy for water heating, (domestic) heating, and, the production of electricity, using a single surface. The Award in gold went to Objet Geometries Ltd. for their product, Connex500TM, the first 3d-printing system where diverse materials with different mechanical or physical characteristics are used simultaneously. The awards were presented by Winfried Krack, chairman of the exhibitor board of EuroMold 2007.

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