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28. November 2013

Expansion for the Claas Guss GmbH Iron Foundry in Gütersloh is Approved

Detmold (Lippe) / Gütersloh Germany - The Claas Guss GmbH has received the requested immission control permit for its plan to make changes to their iron foundry in Gütersloh, called Christophorushütte.

The approval of the German district of Detmold contains the expansion of production capacity, operating time from Monday to Saturday, 00:00 clock to 24:00 clock on three-shift operations, as well as building and technological plant expansion of the core shop, the establishment of a new core sand mixer, distribution system and the renewal of the amine gas treatment for the foundry plant.

Source: Opens external link in new windowwww.lippeblatt.de

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