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24. November 2009

Hamriyah Steel to Start in January 2010

It is reported that 2006 to 2007 have been the time when Russian and Ukrainian metallurgical holdings having accumulated some financial resources have started their expansion overseas. Major trend was mergers and acquisitions however there were some Greenfield, projects mainly rolling mills destined to re roll billets from CIS. Crisis resulted in termination or postpone of such projects for a better time. But Metalloinvest group was the only who has succeeded to complete its overseas project. It’s recently built mill Hamriyah Steel carries the last tests and to be put into operation since January 2010.

The joined venture Hamriyah Steel has been established in 2006. Its co owner from UAE part is the Chairman of National Investment Corporation, Honorable Chairman of Abu-Dhabi Chamber of Commerce Mr HE Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa bin Zeyed al Nahyan.

The contract for construction has been signed with Italian company SMS Meer in June 2007 on turn key basis, the construction started in March 2008 and by November 2009 completed by 95%. In summer 2009 long term guaranties for water, power and gas supply has been obtained. This is a matter of vital importance, because there are a number of projects in Gulf region terminated because of such guaranties haven’t been obtained. Now the trials are held at the mill and first 4000 tonnes of billets from Ural Steel, which will be the billet supplier for the mill has been shipped already. The commission of the mill will be on January 6, 2010.

Hamriyah Steel planned capacity is 1 million tonnes of rebar annually. For 2010 it is planned 660,000 tonnes gradually increasing output from 10000 tonnes in January to 80000 tonnes in December. The product will be in the range of 10 to 40 mm diameter and meet local and international standards BS4449, ASTM A615, DIN 488. With this there will be implied an advanced technology of thermo-strengthening of steel products which aims to improve properties of low-carbon steel by surface hardening and its self tempering. Thermo-strengthening enables to reach yield strength to 550 MPa keeping good results for elongation and welding ability.

The management of Hamriyah Steel estimates annual demand for rebar in UAE as 4.5 million tonnes to 5 million tonnes and pretends for 20% of the market. Moreover, there are plans to export it to neighbor Gulf countries, Iran and Egypt. In October 2009 Mr Buch Sehederberg from Liberty Commodities assumed UAE can turn into net-exporter of rebar soon. Now we see how this forecast has got a chance to become true quite rapidly.

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