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16. April 2009



Despite the economic crisis, market leaders will be aplenty at the upcoming
METALFORUM Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry held in Poznań on
16-19 June 2009.

The following major companies have expressed their interest in the participation in METALFORUM: Centrum Polskiego Odlewnictwa (Polish Foundry Engineering Centre), Flaboform Sp. z o.o., Fugo S.A., Ferona Polska S.A., Investa Sp. z o.o., Metalodlew S.A., Nova Trading S.A., Odlewnia Elzamech Sp. z o.o., Polska Izba Konstrukcji Stalowych (Polish Chamber of Steelworks), Polska Unia Dystrybutorów Stali (Polish Union of Steel Distributors), Ruukki Polska S.p. z o.o., Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlhandel Sp. z o.o., ThyssenKrupp Energostal S.A.
As in the previous years, a separate FOUNDRY thematic park will be organised at the exhibition in cooperation with the Polish Foundry Engineering Centre. Another thematic park entitled STAINLESS STEELS is planned in cooperation with the Polish Union of Steel Distributors. Moreover, this year’s exposition will be enriched by a joint presentation of the members of the Polish Chamber of Steelworks. An interesting programme of conferences will accompany the exhibitors’ offers. The Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals will organise a conference entitled: “Advancements in non-ferrous metal processing and new materials”. A seminar for experts from the steel sector will also be prepared by the Polish Union of Steel Distributors.

METALFORUM has recorded a robust growth for a few years. Last year’s edition was 14 percent larger than in 2007. The exhibition attracted 112 companies from 14 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech, Republic China, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. The show was visited by approx. 22,000 professionals from 36 countries.

METALFORUM is an integral part of ITM Poland – the largest trade show of modern industrial technologies in the New Europe. Almost 1000 companies from tens of countries showcased their innovative offers on the area of almost 30,000 square metres last year. Apart from METALFORUM, the exposition of ITM Poland includes: HAPE – Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives, MACH-TOOL – Machine Tool Exhibition, SURFEX – Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies, WELDING Exhibition, TRANSPORTA and WORK SAFETY IN INDUSTRY. Moreover, the best scientific institutions and R&D units, including institutes involved in research on the latest technologies in steel industry and foundry engineering, will present their offers at the Science for the Economy Exhibition.

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