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15. May 2007

Reduced the customs duty on aluminium at last

6 to 3% by the end of May

Yesterday, the Council of the EU member states approved unanimously the regulation for the reduction from 6 to 3% of the customs duty on non-alloyed primary aluminium imported into Europe. This provision will enter into full force within ten days.

This is the very first important result obtained by aluminium processing companies and users in Europe in order to work under the same competitiveness conditions as the large downstream integrated producers of metal without suffering the consequences of the customs duty.

The credit of this success goes to the long and painstaking work carried out by Face, the European Federation of Aluminium Consumers: since 1999, this association has turned the struggle over the aluminium customs duty into its own point of reference.  

These are the first comments on what happened: Peter Mandelson, European Commissary for Trade who realized the customs duty reduction personally, said that this provision is the first important result of the attention that the European Union is paying to the EU small and medium enterprises; Mario Conserva, Face’s Secretary General, expressed his satisfaction for the result obtained which confirms the international credibility enjoyed by the association, and underlined that the final result is yet to be reached that is the total abolition of the customs duty on all types of primary aluminium; Mario Bertoli, president of Alfin – Edimet and member of the Eaa (European Aluminium Association) Executive Committee, maintained that this is a crucial success to enhance the competitiveness of the small and medium industrial enterprises within the European system as well as a good signal for the future of the metals system in Europe.

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