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05. September 2010

USA - KUKA Robotics demonstrates innovative robotics solutions for the Machine Tool industry

KUKA Robotics demonstrates innovative robotic automated solutions for the Machine Tool Industry at IMTS 2010.

Clinton Township, MI – KUKA Robotics Corporation booth #N-6200 will demonstrate 5 unique and innovative robotic solutions at IMTS for the machine tool industry in cooperation with the KUKA Robotics System Partner Network and the KUKA Robotics membership in Partners in THINC. 
As a proud member of the OKUMA Partners in THINC, KUKA Robotics will display a robotic workcell which includes an OKUMA LB2000EX lathe.  The cell demonstrates a KUKA KR 16 six axis robot showing vision guided loading/unloading of the lathe all integrated by Gosiger Automation a member of Partners in THINC. Commenting on the opportunities realized from Partners in THINC James Cooper Vice President of Sales and Marketing, KUKA Robotics stated, “Partners in THINC is an exceptional fit for KUKA Robotics.  We are committed to helping companies develop and implement solutions to optimize their production to become quicker, more efficient and accurate.”

KUKA Robotics will also feature a live in-booth welding demonstration showcasing new and innovative welding solutions in cooperation with the KUKA Robotics System Partner Network.  Official KUKA Robotics System Partner, ARK Cells , Inc.  will be displaying a KR 6 arc in a ST-1 84 Pre Engineered Arc Welding Cell. This cell features an 84 inch reciprocating welding turntable, and is rated at 800lbs capacity per side and can execute a 180 degree rotation in approximately 2.1 seconds. This would place it as one of the fastest cells on the market in this or any turntable class. This cell design is part of a complete line of over 30 different cell types that are now available with the KUKA arc welding robots for the North American customers. The cells are built exclusively by and for KUKA System Partners. They are designed exclusively around the KUKA arc welding robots to take advantage of the inherent power of the KUKA PC robot technology and servo control. The various cell types are suitable for parts as small as 2 ft by 2 ft and as large as 10 ft by 4 foot that weight up to 10,000 lbs. Most designs are available with optional hollow wrist configurations. The cells can be integrated to Fronius, Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric, SKS, and Thermadyne power supplies as the customer chooses. The design targets for these cells are for MAXIMUM QUALITY  with MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY.  Other in booth demonstrations will include a KR 5 sixx Vision guided cell with gripper technology from Schunk and a KR60 L45 demonstrating Remote Laser Welding technology and a KR 210 in a simulated grinding demonstration.

The KUKA Robotics System Partner network is designed to mutually benefit each organization’s users by extending the way customers can acquire tailored solutions with the major competitive and technological advantage of high precision KUKA robots. The KUKA Robotics System Partner Network includes experienced OEM machine builders, system providers, application specialists and expert robot integrators.

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