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23. February 2009

USA - SCRA receives $2 million contract for Army metal casting equipment

The S.C. Research Authority announced a $2 million contract for a program that will allow the U.S. Army to produce metal castings on demand and on site for overseas operations.  The Tactical Metal Fabrication program will enable production of parts that soldiers need to keep their vehicles and weapon systems operational. SCRA will bring conceptualization, program development, management and engineering expertise to the program.  The Tactical Metal Fabrication program complements the Army’s deployable Mobile Parts Hospitals, a field “hospital” within customized containers. The parts hospitals are staffed with industrial specialists who manufacture machined parts for soldiers. That program has helped reduce delivery times for machined parts, but it cannot fill the need for cast parts.  SCRA’s partners responsible for conducting product data engineering for the new program are Northrop Grumman Information Technology and Defense Support Services LLC, a Lockheed Martin and Day & Zimmermann company. Both are located in South Carolina. Another key partner on the program is buyCASTINGS.com of Dayton, Ohio.  The Army also is considering using the Tactical Metal Fabrication program for U.S. depots that refurbish weapons returning from Southwest Asia.  “TacFab illustrates the capabilities of SCRA and our partners to deliver assured outcomes to the U.S. Army and to our war fighters,” said Bill Mahoney, CEO of SCRA. “We are proud to see our ideas put into action. Casting capability provided from a portable platform delivered straight to the theater of operations is an innovative solution that enables significant cost savings and efficiencies for our Armed Forces.”  SCRA provides applied research and commercialization services for industry and government.

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