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15. October 2008

USA - Wolverine Bronze Company Uses Low Pressure Casting to Form 1200-Horsepower V16 Engines for DiMora's $2 Million Supercar

Roseville, MI - The Low Pressure Casting division of Wolverine Bronze has become the newest Technology Partner to bring their world-class capabilities to the DiMora Motorcar Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan. Their state-of-the-art system will be used to sand cast precision parts of the 14-liter, 1200-horsepower, DiMora Volcano V16 engine.

In traditional sand castings, components are gravity-poured from the top of a mold, a process that is rife with uncontrolled variables and possibilities for contamination. In contrast, Wolverine Bronze casts high-performance engine blocks and other component parts from the bottom of the mold.

A pressurized inert gas forces molten aluminum up through a tube from the furnace into the mold. Molten metal continues to feed the casting under pressure, until it has entirely solidified, starting at the most distant points and gradually cooling all the way to the fill tube. This is the heart of the process and ensures a defect-free casting with very tight grain structure and fine dimensional accuracy. A sophisticated electronic panel controls the process, monitors and records each step, and ultimately verifies that the resultant casting was made under variable-free conditions.

"All of us at Wolverine Bronze Company are tremendously excited about our new relationship with the DiMora team," said Paul Smith, second generation owner and Vice President of Business Development. "The original concept in designing our low pressure system was to produce the highest quality sand castings possible, and target this capability to the high-performance engine market. With their absolute dedication to building the world's finest automobile, it is only natural that DiMora Motorcar is the first company to use this technique for a production engine."

Alfred DiMora, CEO and Founder of DiMora Motorcar, noted the importance of utilizing Wolverine's advanced techniques in low pressure casting for the DiMora Volcano V16 engine. "The perfection required in the complex pouring of the casting requires both the best tool set and craftsmen highly skilled in their field. Wolverine is a world leader in low pressure casting technology and is a prime example of the innovation that is reinvigorating the Detroit-based American automobile industry."

DiMora continued, "I am really impressed by Wolverine's new Low Pressure Casting Facility. This cutting-edge foundry is unique in North America and was designed specifically to manufacture the kinds of complex, thin-walled, aluminum sand castings that we need for the Volcano engine. DiMora Motorcar is the beneficiary of their years of planning and preparation."

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