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05. May 2014

REMET® Investing in the Future of Investment Casting

Over the past two years, REMET® UK has invested in its laboratory and research facilities, increasing analytical capabilities.The REMET Centre for Technical Excellence, based at the company’s European Headquarters, has undergone...

08. March 2014

High-performance filtration from the specialist company ASK Chemicals

Foam ceramic filters made of highly pure zirconia particularly high load capacity and very robustThe use of efficient filter systems to remove contaminants and reduce turbulence plays a defining role in the quality of castings....

27. February 2014

FATA: A Partnership of Synergies

Since 1983 Rhino Machines, has been synonymous to innovation with its technological edge in the field of moulding and sand mixing in India. On the other side of the globe in Italy, FATA has internationally recognised advanced...

29. November 2013

ASK Chemicals GmbH: Efficient filtration in steel and iron castings

UDICELL™ - tubular foam ceramic filters for steel and iron castingsDue to the increasing demands on the quality of today's castings, especially large and heavy section castings, effective and above all safe filtration during the...

13. November 2013


Foundry Solutions & Design (FS&D) meets all expectations at the recent METAL KIELCE, the Polish Foundry Exposition in Kielce, Poland.Exhibiting for the first time at the Metal Kielce in Poland, FS&D was overwhelmed...

19. August 2013

Kurtz Holding GmbH: receives major order by proving competence in the production of casting machines

Developing new ways in casting crank cases in close cooperation with Bavarian premier car manufacturer.Some time ago, the BMW Group contacted the casting machine manufacturer Kurtz GmbH with the task to significantly increase...

04. August 2013

Improve your castings-FCRI ceramic foam filer

FCRI Ceramic Foam Filters offer the best way to eliminate inclusions, foreign materials that are a major source of quality problems in casting.  and help you meet ever increasing demands for quality.Get rid of...

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