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10. August 2019

Foundry of the Week - Odlewnia Żeliwa i Staliwa Rawicz

Foundry of the Week - Odlewnia Żeliwa i Staliwa Rawicz

Odlewnia Żeliwa i Staliwa Rawicz is a company rich in experience, offering a wide range of foundry services, and producing cast iron and steel castings according to customer needs for various applications such as: parts of machinery and equipment (including machining, mining, construction, agricultural, butchering, food and other), cast iron and steel spare parts for the coke industry, parts for the automotive and public transport industry, parts for the shipbuilding industry, cast iron decorative casts (street lamps, street fountains, park benches), cast iron castings in the form of semi-finished products (rollers, slabs, iron and steel edge fenders according to the needs of its customers).

The production process includes hand molding (which allows castings of large dimensions - up to 8 meters in length), and machine moulding on several machines with molding box sizes from 400x500mm to 1400x800mm, using bentonite and furan moulding mass.

Products can be heat treated (normalizing annealing, annealing) and machined (milling, turning, drilling). Our capacity is about 4.000 tonnes per year, in series from 1 to 500 pieces per mounth depending on size and weight. The company has its own pattern shop, metal machining department, and a modern, well- equipped laboratory.

The high quality of its products is guaranteed through its management system as per EN ISO 9001:20015 in accordance with TÜV NIORD CERT, procedures and quality assistance material manufacturer according instruction 97/23/WE concerning pressure equipment.

Company Info


ul. Sarnowska 2
63-900 Rawicz

Phone: +48 65 546 49 91
Fax: +48 65 546 49 03


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