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17. August 2008

Germany - Süd-Chemie expands presence in Italian bentonites market

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Süd-Chemie will found Süd-Chemie IMIC Italia S.r.l., Silvano Pietra/Italien. Süd-Chemie will take over a 75% share in the newly-formed company Süd-Chemie IMIC Italia, a joint venture with IMIC S.p.a. Silvano Pietra/Italy.

IMIC will have transferred its entire foundry and construction bentonite operations to the company. IMIC, a subsidiary of SATEF Hüttenes Albertus SA, Vicenza/Italy, holds the remaining 25% of the company. It was agreed that no details of the purchase price would be disclosed.
The joint venture will produce and market bentonite-based adsorbents and additives for use in the Italian foundry and construction industries.

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