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Scandinavia - ExOne (XONE) Names New Sales Rep

The ExOne Company (Nasdaq: XONE) announced that it has appointed Karlebo Gjuteriteknik AB as its sales representative in Scandinavian countries for its 3D printing machines and the 3D printing of parts.

Karlebo, a part of Beijer Tech AB, represents some of the world's leading manufacturers and specializes in machinery for surface treatment, foundry, and steelworks and smelters for companies in the Nordic region. Additionally, Karlebo sells supplies to foundry and steel industries, with a strong position in die casting foundries.

"The Scandinavian region is an important market for ExOne as we continue to move throughout Europe and promote the capabilities and advantages of 3D printing for industrial applications," explained Said Omar, Sales Director of ExOne GmbH. "We are pleased to collaborate with Karlebo, a company that has optimized production at some of the Nordic region's top manufacturers for the past few decades, and has a deep knowledge of the machines and processes associated with the industry."

With Sweden ranked as the ninth largest economy in Europe, the Company believes that the Scandinavian region presents significant and varied opportunities for the application of 3D printing technology and provides meaningful sales potential for its indirect materialization process.

"Karlebo has a long tradition of delivering innovative solutions, and we look forward to continuing that tradition by working with ExOne," said Peter Skoog, Managing Director at Karlebo Gjuteriteknik AB. "We believe that ExOne's accomplishments in digital part materialization is a perfect complement to our capabilities in order to bring a significant benefit to Scandinavia customers, in industries eager for 3D printing."

For more information regarding 3D printing applications, visit ExOne's website at www.exone.com.

Source: streetinsider.com

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