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USA - NADCA Launches NADCA Design Website to Assist Die Casting Product Designers

NADCA Launches NADCA Design Website to Assist Die Casting Product Designers Wheeling, IL - The North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) has launched a new website, NADCA Design, located at http://www.diecastingdesign.org, to provide die casting product design assistance and resources for designers, engineers and other product specifiers.

The new website uses a number of video modules to visually illustrate practical information a designer needs for day-to-day development of die cast products, as well as more advanced topics to assist designers in determining if die casting is appropriate for a product design. The modules are arranged for ease of use, allowing the designer to progress through them in sequence or go directly to a specific topic.

"The new website is an important element of NADCA's overall effort to assist OEMs by providing prompt technical assistance, comprehensive design seminars and a dynamic online resource," explained Daniel L. Twarog, NADCA's president. "Our goal is to increase dialogue among designers and NADCA die casters, expand knowledge about optimized die casting product designs and help end users with conversions from other materials to die casting production."

Last year, NADCA provided design and technical assistance to 30 OEMs in a wide range of industries. In one project with a major rail transportation manufacturer, the NADCA design analysis team helped convert a locomotive gear cover from 120 lb. weldment to 17 lb. aluminum die casting for significant weight savings and improvement in product design.

Similar case histories illustrating the benefits of die casting can be found on the new website. Much of the information is presented using a three-pronged approach with text, animation and voice together, which allows for the most effective learning of the complex topics. Modules range from animations of the basic die casting process -- giving the designer insight into how the physical mechanics of the die casting process affect a design -- to how die casting material properties affect product development and the best methods for creating die casting geometry.

The website also includes alloy selection tools, product specification standards, and a listing of other design publications and useful resources.

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