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Via Simone Martini 11, 20143 Milano, Italy


Via Simone Martini 11
20143 Milano

Telephone +39 02 817575

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Giovanni Bolla, Founder of FOMET Srl
Giovanni Bolla, fondatore nel 1963 della FOMET S.r.l., Società leader internazi...
Giovanni Bolla, Founder of FOMET Srl
Giovanni Bolla, founder of  FOMET Srl, in 1963, passed away last March 20th...
In the field of ductile iron castings, demand is growing and FOMET has developed...


FOMET is one of the world-wide leaders in the field of induction melting furnaces and leading specialist in systems for automatic pouring.

FOMET, thanks to its over 50  years experience, are leaders in the field of planning and production of induction furnaces for the most varied applications in ferrous and not ferrous metals.

FOMET’S technicians support customers through planning, manufacture, installation and start-up, supplying all of the functions necessary for the smooth hand over of the system.

FOMET installations are now more efficient and economical than ever. Thank to the dedicated studies and designs of the refractory lining, of our own manufacture, and equipping the furnaces with the most advanced control process systems, FOMET has achieved significant savings of electrical energy consumption and reduced thermal losses to the minimum.

The efficiency and reliability of our furnaces is backed up by a fast and direct technical support service, able to satisfy the entire customer’s maintenance demands and spare parts requirements. These services render FOMET a true PARTNER and extent peace of mind to our many clients.

Our range includes induction coreless furnaces for melting, holding and superheating of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Pouring furnaces for the precise automatic pouring of grey and alloyed irons.

DUPLEXING holding furnaces with channel induction for holding and super heating of iron alloys.

Copper alloys melting furnaces with hydraulic “tilt-pour” feature for direct casting of moulds and “shell moulds”

Non ferrous metal recovery melting units for the production of copper, brass and bronze alloy ingots.

Twin bath furnaces (melting & holding) for the production of brass castings using gravity or pressure casting processes.

Channel inductors, air cooled up to 500kW and air/water combinations for larger units.

Computerised systems for the full management of single installations as well as full integration of multiple furnace installations using dedicated FOMET software.

  • FOMET S.r.l.
  • FOMET S.r.l.
  • FOMET S.r.l.
  • FOMET S.r.l.


FOMET produce furnaces for all, from large companies to small individual firms.
FOMET induction furnaces satisfy all productive requirements.

Some foundries being served by FOMET
Copper an Brass Foundries
Taps - Fittings _ Water Meters - Valves and others Brassware products

  • Abloy OY Odiaco Finland
  • American Standard Mexico
  • Armitage Shanks UK (Ideal Standard)
  • Artema Armatur Grupu Turkey
  • Baylan Turkey
  • Beijing Kohler China
  • Bruno Janz S.A. Portugal
  • Buhler Germany
  • Cicasa Mexico
  • Cifial Portugal
  • Comap Shd S.A. France
  • Eurobrass India
  • Favi S.A. France
  • Foresti & Suardi Italy
  • Hans Grohe GMBH & Co. Germany
  • Heikky Finland
  • Herz Armaturen Austria
  • Hikki Hela FInland
  • Ideal Standard China
  • Ideal Standard Egypt
  • Metalvex S.A. de CV Mexico (Helvex Group)
  • Ottone Meloda Spa Italy
  • Porcher SIV France (Ideal Standard)
  • Prandelli Spa Italy
  • Sheng Tai Brassware Tailandia
  • Simonfond Srl Italy
  • Sterling Brass India
  • Strambini & Boroni Spa Italy
  • T.A. Hydronics AB Sweden
  • Tebisa Spain
  • Tour & Andersson Sweden
  • Tres Spain
  • Tupai Portugal
  • Vidima AG Bulgaria
  • Voest Alpine Giesserei Austria

Grey and Ductile Iron Foundries  

  • Automotive Castings, Pumps, Compressors, Manholes, Boilers, Stoves and other Cast-Iron products

  • Akis Turchia
  • Amtek India
  • Auto Chassis International (Renault) Fonderies Le Mans France
  • Bernard Houet (Invicta Group) France
  • Besfond Italy
  • Brembo Italy & Poland
  • Centauro Italy
  • Cheminees Philippe S.A. (Godin Group) France
  • Dalli Cani Spa Italy
  • Dana de Mexico
  • Disa Denmark
  • F.O.M.M. Spa (Brembo Group) Italy
  • FASP Spa (Sertubi Group) Italy
  • F.lli Regali Spa Italy
  • Fondar Spa Italy
  • Fonderia Ghirlandina Spa Italy
  • Fonderia Giovannini Spa Italy
  • Fonderie Ariotti - Adro Italy
  • Fonderie Soliman Italy
  • Fonderie Valchienti
  • Fondmatic Spa (Caprari Group) Italy
  • Franco Montini Spa Italy
  • Gemco Engineers
  • Gkn Heman Province
  • Hydro Vacuum Poland
  • Le Creuset S.A. France
  • Lister - Petter Ltd. Great Britain
  • Michele Ratti Spa Italy
  • Parola & Luraghi Spa Italy
  • Pont a Mousson S.A: France
  • Rassini Frenos SA de CV (Brembo Group) Mexico
  • SCM Rimini Italy
  • Teksid (Fiat Group) Brasil, Poland, Mexico
  • Tisamatic International (Auburn Group) Mexico
  • Veco Fonderia Smalteria Spa Italy
  • ZML Industries Spa Italy

Our operating philosophy:

  • We design all our furnaces both mechanically and electrically
  • We produce all our automation software
  • We make all our own parts, following our know how
  • We test all our furnace equipment  thoroughly before dispatch
  • We invest in Research and Development aimed at developing new and more reliable furnace equipment, also in collaboration with ideas exchanged with our foundry client
  • We use only high quality components from internationally recognized suppliers

A dynamic commercial organization is constantly at the customer's service
with active, skilled and personalized after-sale assistance

  • We provide customer service in the shortest possible time.
  • We provide a technology consultation service.
  • We provide customer training, either at FOMET or on the customer's site.
  • We arrange technical meetings to ensure that customers are kept fully up-to-date.
  • We operate a parts' replacement service.
  • We offer plc internet connection to our technical centre, for on-line assistance and monitoring.
  • Service and maintenance  

FOMET, thanks to knowledge gained in over 50 years of close collaboration with its customers can claim to have some of the most experienced furnace technicians, anywhere. As a result of this deep ‘know-how’ FOMET quickly react and are able to make available to its foundry partners, the best, most efficient and economic way to meet  their various production and technical needs.

Fomet Srl
Via Simone detto Memmi Martini, 11
20143 Milano (MI) Italy
Tel. +39 02 817575
Fax. +39 02 8135015
E-mail: info@fomet.com



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