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Jägerhausstr. 22, 52152 Simmerath-Lammersdorf, Germany


Jägerhausstr. 22
52152 Simmerath-Lammersdorf

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Company Profile:

Founded in 1924, OTTO JUNKER GmbH has accumulated 90 years of experience in the development, design and operation of melting, pouring and heat-treatment systems for the foundry industry, as well as for extrusion and rolling mills producing semi-finished products of non-ferrous metals. The company has evolved into a powerful industrial group with a global presence. As a market leader, it delivers high levels of customer satisfaction.

With a staff of more than 650 employees working in companies in Germany, North America, the Czech Republic, China and the United Arab Emirates, OTTO JUNKER is globally represented by service agencies, manufacturing cooperations and sales offices in more than 30 countries.

The product range of OTTO JUNKER for the cast iron, steel, aluminium and copper based alloys industries comprises the main processes from melting equipment to heat treatment systems (pre-heating, annealing, homogenizing, quenching and tempering, artificial ageing, handling and finishing technology). Further to that, the product range includes special applications for induction furnace technology, such as melting of magnesium as well as melting and refining of silicon.

Since 1982, the OTTO JUNKER company has been owned by the OTTO-JUNKER-FOUNDATION. Consistent with the Foundation's charter, it promotes the training of young engineers at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) and sponsors research and development in the fields of metallurgy and electrical engineering. These close ties provide the company with ready access to advanced technologies and processes and speed up time-to-market cycles for plant and equipment made by OTTO JUNKER.

In the field of plant and equipment for the cast iron/steel, aluminium and copper based alloys industries, the products and services comprise the following:

  • Engineering and implementation of complete melting and pouring plant
  • Melting, holding and pouring furnace systems


  • Medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces
  • Channel-type induction furnaces
  • Pressurized pouring furnaces and unheated pouring units

These medium-frequency melting systems have become a general-purpose metallurgical tool for melting, holding and pouring a broad diversity of metals. The technical and economic benefits of OTTO JUNKER's medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces have gained them increasing currency throughout the foundry and semi-finished products industries. Their basic advantages lie in the direct input of heat into the metal with almost no temperature overshoot, in the selectively controlled bath movement and in the metallurgically neutral melting regime.

Technical characteristics

  • Close temperature and process control
  • High analysis accuracy and reproducibility
  • High melting rates thanks to high power density
  • Flexibility in use, without problems on changeover to another melt type or grade
  • Melting operation without heel
  • Suitability for diverse charge materials
  • Selective metallurgical melt management

Economic characteristics

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low melting loss
  • High availability
  • Outstanding ease of operation / maintenance
  • Low building cost thanks to compact design
  • Minimum erection time due to pre-assembled equipment modules
  • Low labour cost


OTTO JUNKER's channel-type induction furnaces are used successfully both for melting and pouring copper based alloys and for holding and storing cast iron.

The advantages of channel-type induction furnaces lie in their very good efficiency and almost unlimited design freedom as regards the geometry of the furnace vessel. The use of a filling and pouring siphons reduces the slag volume, ensures high metal purity and minimizes gas pick-up.

A channel furnace is the ideal melt storage and collecting unit for cupola melting operations of the grey iron foundry industry. The arrangement of its tilting axis in the filling gate and pouring spout plane allows the furnace to be charged and discharged continuously without any problem.

In melting copper based alloys, a channel furnace uses nearly 100 kWh/t less energy than its coreless counterpart - an invaluable advantage. Since the furnace vessel can be designed into virtually any shape, these units can be employed for special pouring tasks.

OTTO JUNKER equipment for the automation of melt pouring processes has been used successfully for years in cast iron foundries. Depending on the task at hand, the choice is between a pressurized pouring furnace and an unheated pouring system.
Automation provides a superior repeatability of the pour, which is otherwise dependent on operator experience and skills, and allows optimized pouring profiles to be accurately followed. Both result in a greatly improved casting quality and reduced scrap rates and returns.
Thus, cost and process reliability benefits as well as closer quality tolerances are key factors speaking in favour of an automated pouring system.

OTTO JUNKER equipment is designed and built to comply with all relevant safety and environmental codes and regulations.

The outstanding melting and pouring furnaces operated by OTTO JUNKER's in-house foundry form the basis for the company's successful planning and implementation of entire production lines.

An extensive range of services, ensuring fast and efficient customer support all over the world, effectively rounds out the company's comprehensive range of high-grade plant and equipment systems:

  • Inspection and preventive maintenance
  • Spare part supplies
  • Troubleshooting and assistance with malfunctions and technical disruptions
  • Equipment repairs and reconditioning
  • Upgrades and conversions
  • Staff training and briefing



OTTO JUNKER worldwide



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Mr. FEI Yin – General Manager

OTTO JUNKER Middle East:

OTTO JUNKER GmbH - Middle East Office
Hyatt Regency Galeria, App. 1309
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Sales and Service

Partner Brazil:

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