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1. Building a reliable data capture system for a robust 4.0 HPDC strategy  
Date: 02-08-19
... family is highly recommended. To achieve that, trustworthy sensorics, such as those built by ELECTRONICS GmbH offer a wide range of data management opportunities.  Among the sensors that can be...  
2. Increasing efficiency with Sensors by Electronics  
Date: 20-02-18
... partial compression High efficiency Transparency of mould-filling process ELECTRONICS GMBH, sensors, foundry, castings  
3. Leichtbau in Guss 2016  
Date: 01-12-16
... Sandkernfertigung. Weitere Beiträge von Continental Automotive GmbH, Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A., Electronics GmbH, Audi AG, MAGMA GmbH, Kind & Co. Edelstahlwerk sowie vom Lehrstuhl für Umformtechnik und...  


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