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1. CHINA DIECASTING - Follow the rhythm of the rapid development of global die casting industry  
Date: 24-03-18
... are expected. For the first time, the NürnbergMesse Group will have an exhibitors’ pavilion at Fundiexpo, the leading trade fair for die-casting foundries in Guadalajara, Mexico, from 24 to 26 October 2018,...  
2. CHINA DIECASTING 2018: China still offers many business opportunities  
Date: 25-05-18
... For the first time NürnbergMesse organizes the pavilion EUROGUSS Mexico in the framework of the Fundiexpo trade fair and EUROGUSS Asia Pacific within Metal AP in Bangkok, Thailand.  
3. EUROGUSS 2018 fully booked  
Date: 03-11-17
... casting events worldwide in 2018: at CHINA DIECASTING from 18 to 20 July in in Shanghai (China), at Fundiexpo in Guadalajara, Mexico for the first time from 24 to 26 October, and at ALUCAST in Delhi, India...  
4. EUROGUSS Continues to Set Records  
Date: 22-01-18
... participate October 24th-26th 2018 with an exhibitor pavilion at the leading foundry trade fair Fundiexpo in Guadalajara, Mexico, where around 170 exhibitors and 5,000 trade visitors are expected. From...  
5. Kurtz Foundry Machines rock your ideas  
Date: 17-10-18
... the first idea to the sold part, for you Kurtz will get the most out of it. Visit us at the FUNDIEXPO 2018 in Guadalajara, booth 422!  
6. Magaldi Open Week: A Glimpse into Magaldi Power SpA  
Date: 19-07-16
... Week is held every 2 years in Salerno and the Magaldi team can be visited again at the upcoming FUNDIEXPO 2016 in Queretaro, Mexico from the 5th-7th of October. Magaldi Power SpA, Magaldi Srl, Magaldi...  
7. Mexico’s Focus on Foundry  
Date: 07-10-16
... In light of the FUNDIEXPO, Mexico has increasingly become a focus on the international foundry industry platform.With Mexico´s constant boost in capacity and encouragement to innovation, there is no doubt that the...  
8. Monterrey-70th World Congress Mexico  
Date: 02-05-12
... : Blackhawk, Nemak, NovoCastSaltillo: Cifunsa, Deacero, Nemak, Techno CastThe exhibition XVIII. Fundiexpo took place as well with approximately 400 supplier companies. With the attendance of around 3,500...  
9. Niche Markets for Die-Casting: Medical Technology and Aeronautical Industry  
Date: 27-10-17
... place again in Shanghai. NürnbergMesse Group will also participate in an exhibitor pavilion at the Fundiexpo in Guadalajara, Mexico in October for the first time, and in December 2018, the ALUCAST will be...  
10. Olá in Querétaro!  
Date: 09-11-16
... the renowned Mexican hospitality. This was the perfect set-up for a great show. The exhibition, XX. Fundiexpo, took place with approximately 400 supplier companies. With the attendance of around 6.400...  
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