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German firms to open manufacturing plant in Prilep

'Accomplast' is investing EUR three million in this project, which

RUS -  will open 150 jobs. It will manufacture car parts for European market and grand automobile producers, such as 'BMW'; 'Daimler'; 'Audi'; 'Mercedes'; 'Bentley' and 'Jaguar'.

This is the fifth investment that has been launched in Macedonia for the last five days, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said at the ceremony, expressing hope that many young engineers from Prilep would be employed in the new plant.

"It is a pleasure to see that the business climate we have created thus far, as well as the interest we have managed to provoke among companies worldwide offer us a pleasure to enjoy such magnificent events with foreign investors. In the past an arrival of a new foreign investment to Macedonia in two-three years was considered to be a success. Now, foreign investors are here almost every day, which speaks volumes about the reforms we have conducted and the image we have created for our country," Gruevski said.

Ines Andre, manager of 'Accomplast' company in Macedonia ‘Injection Holding Prilep’, said the decision for investing in Prilep was made as a result of offered doing business terms, qualified work force and Government's readiness for cooperation. Speaking in Macedonian, Andre said 'Accomplast' got initial information on possibilities for investing in Macedonia in May of 2014 that prompted the company to soon afterwards establish ‘Injection Holding Prilep', namely in March of 2015.

Frank Michaelis, also manager of ‘Injection Holding Prilep’, said the main reason for a German company to invest in Macedonia referred to the ties between the two countries. Twin cities Skopje-Dresden and Skopje- Nuremberg are not only proof of the Macedonian-German friendship, but also of the regularly advanced economic cooperation between the two countries, he added.

Accomplast, whose technology is based on plastic injection molding, state-of-the-art surface finishing and fully automatic assembly systems, has plants in native country, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Source: macedoniaonline.eu

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