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The 4th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition (IFCE) in Lahore

The 4th IFCE – 2012  provided an opportunity to Investors, machinery manufacturers, foundry supply companies and service providers to showcase their products and services to their counterparts and potential customers and make alliances. The forum also provided a platform to eminent academics and technologist  to come together and to discuss advances and technical opportunities.

International guests and speakers from Europe, China, India, UK, Turkey, representatives  from European & Asian Foundry Associations gave this event an international flair. IFCE–2012 was a good platform for networking  for members of foundry industry, customers , supply as well as its service sectors.

Pakistan is set to grow as a producer and exporter of casting, building on expected high growth in the auto sector, tractor industry, agriculture machinery, truck and bus sectors. With a population of 180 Million and growing with a healthy, young population, Pakistan is set to grow its industrial base as well as housing, infra structure and agricultural sectors.

Summarized, this show was a great motivator for Pakistan Foundry Industry to develop and to invest in new equipment and technique and without any doubt it gave them the feeling being considered by the international community.
The organizer team of Pakistan Foundry Association has  put a lot of effort to present a reliable and successful show in this important year for the association. Quite recently they established a Foundry Service Centre in Lahore with collaboration of Industry, Academia and Government to strengthen the foundations of the foundry industry in Pakistan and to enable global technology providers and machinery suppliers to enter the market.

Foundry-Planet met a lot of approved members of the international industry, consultants, owners and managers of Pakistan’s leading foundries. 

  • Machinery makers
  • Lab equipment suppliers,
  • Raw materials
  • Foundry chemical exporters,
  • Consultants
  • Used Machinery Dealers
  • Investors
  • Buyers of Castings
  • Technical Journals
  • Foundries
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