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Metalltechnik Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG

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Metalltechnik Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG -
headquartered in Filderstadt, Germany


Two medium frequency induction furnaces of the latest design are the cornerstones of our production process.
Quality high-grade low residual steel scrap from specific sources is melted in these electric furnaces. After chemical analysis of the melt has been undertaken, appropiate alloying materials are added to ensure a constant product quality.

During the granulation that follows, the molten steel is poured into a high-pressure water jet. The high pressure of the water jet atomises the molten steel into small globules which immediately solidify and then cool off in a water basin.
Annually increasing tonnage of granules are manufactured in this way. Subsequently, the raw granules are dried, cleaned, screened into various sizes and inspected for the roundness and denseness of the granules. The high wear resistant and tough steel blasting shot is then processed in accordance with the customer's wishes, is packaged and prepared for dispatch, or stored..
The diagram provides a schematic representation of the production of Ferrosad low-carbon blasting shot..

Quality Assurance

A leading "Made in Germany“ quality product. The company's organisation is well structured and its manufacturing operation is well constructed, as is evidenced by the  DIN 9002 certification (obtained first in 1998) and by regular internal and external audits.
We take pride in having more than 30 years of experience in this production process, which is theoretically straightforward. The aim of the process is a constant, uniform product quality. We are able to ensure this because we manufacture only at our site in Filderstadt-Plattenhardt.


We market our high-quality products all over the world.
Experienced sales engineers who have been familiar with our products and with customers' shot-blasting installations over many years attend to the needs of our customers in Germany, as well as in some of the neighbouring countries. Abroad, our customer's needs are taken care of by regional commercial representatives and by our sales engineers.
The technical support we offer our customers includes consultation on the optimisation of the shot-blasting operation, as well as the choice of the most suitable blasting shot and the grain size of the granular material.
Make use of our expertise!


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