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Unipres to install high tensile steel press in India

It is reported that Japanese pressed parts manufacturer Unipres Corp is further expanding its global capabilities to make parts from high tensile strength steel.

The company already operates one press for high-tensile steel parts at a base in Guangzhou, China. Now a 2,000 tonne transfer press will be installed in India at a factory for car chassis parts that Unipres is setting up as a joint venture with Marubeni Corp and the Italian parts maker Magnetto Automotive SpA.

The factory in India is scheduled to begin operations in 2010 making parts to supply Nissan Motor Co and France's Renault SA. Most of the company's press machines for high-tensile steel parts are now being operated in Japan and the West, but Unipres sees demand growing in the rest of Asia as the automakers in the region increase production of small cars.

The company already has 11 press machines in operation for this material at eight bases worldwide, and soon a press machine will be installed in India bringing the total to 12 machines at nine bases.

The auto industry is beginning to make greater use of high tensile steel parts for chassis in an effort to reduce weight and improve fuel consumption. In Japan, 55% of chassis parts were made from high-tensile steel in 2007 and Unipres expects that percentage to reach 70% by 2010.

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