Corona: the destructive Global Player 

To be honest, it took a little while before I truly realized the scope and impact of the pandemic called Corona. 

We are talking about globalization, overcoming borders and obstacles, while others rebuilt them in order to keep competitors in production and finance at a distance and yet, everything seemed manageable. 

Even when we saw in the news, that the danger in China was spreading more and more each day. Obviously, most of us relate upward trends more with wealth, power and greed than with the spread of disease and distruction, the attack on the human species, which we have not experienced in a hundred years. 

It takes a while before we understand that, if we now shut down public life, production, and our social life for a time, then the selfish manner of seeing economics as paramount, regardless of losses, the price to be paid may be lower. 

Our business partners, competitors, friends and acquaintances in China have already shown us how disciplined you have to be to beat the aggressor, to get the virus under control, and they are now slowly starting to return to normal life and thus also return to economic performance and security. 

We still have a lot to do in Europe, the USA and South America. 

Of course, the current situation is not viewed the same everywhere, and you cannot compare the different health systems and approaches. Only one thing should be clear: the virus knows no limits, it does not forgive gross mistakes and is more aggressive than economic sanctions. 

From this point of view, the Corona Virus is currently the largest global player and the world economy and everyone involved should agree that we should push it back as decisively and quickly as possible. 

Foundry-Planet follows the action partly from the office and partly from the home office. The planned trade fairs and congresses are unthinkable at the moment and that makes us all sad because we wanted to meet all over the world. Nevertheless, we are glad that we can at least follow everything online in real time, that we can courage and support us. It is our duty to report on the reduction of global business activities. We are dealing with the effects and consequences that will also be painfully felt throughout the foundry industry in these difficult times, as well as the measures being taken by governments to keep the economy running. 

Let us talk openly about all upcoming issues in a spirit of partnership. Let us talk on the phone, communicate virtually and keep in touch, because we need to keep life and business after Corona in our sights. We should all be prepared for this, because our research and development in the field of foundry technology continues just as much as production in the essential areas of our life and mobility. 

Stay or get well soon - all the best and good luck! 

Your global partner in the foundry industry 

Thomas Fritsch 

Editor-in-Chief Foundry-Planet 



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