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27. November 2007

Delft Spline Systems to show DeskProto ® at Euromold

Utrecht (the Netherlands), Nov 23, 2007 -- Delft Spline Systems announced that it will show Desktop Prototyping systems at the 2007 Euromold show, combining the DeskProto software with a desktop CNC milling machine. The Euromold...

26. November 2007

DESCAM 3D Technologies GmbH

ModelMaker D applied to MCA measurement arm - Versatile applications and a gain for all industries.

21. November 2007

ALPINA Technische Produkte GmbH

Die Firma ALPINA Technische Produkte GmbH steht für RTV-2K Silicone sowie RTV-1K Kleb- und Dichtstoffe und beliefert damit die unterschiedlichsten Branchen wie beispielsweise Rapid Prototyping, Modell- und Formenbau,...

16. November 2007

voxeljet technology GmbH

VX800 – 3D Printing System

28. September 2007

Gearing up to meet global challenges

The highly successful Ortrander Eisenhütte foundry in south-east Germany is now adding DISA New Generation vertical moulding technology to its ambitious upgrading strategy to meet the challenges of global markets.

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