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13. May 2018

StrikoWestofen appoints Peter Reuther as new Senior Vice President

StrikoWestofen has appointed Peter Reuther as its new Senior Vice President (SVP). Peter, who joined StrikoWestofen in 2001, is being promoted into the SVP role following 5 years as the brand’s Sales Director Europe.

05. April 2018

As Good as New, and Better: A Faster Way of Relining Your Furnace

Plant downtime is an enormous cost factor for foundries. So when it comes to refractory repairs to the dosing furnace, time is money. To speed things up, StrikoWestofen offers an innovative solution: pre-sintered refractory...

12. March 2018

Foundry’s Little Helper

Goodbye, ladles: The closed transport system Schnorkle 2.0 makes foundries safer.

14. February 2018

On a global mission: life as a service technician

Anja Rögl-Brunner discusses customer challenges and working all over the world.

05. February 2018

The strip flotation furnace – new technology for a growing market

Aluminium demand for automotive manufacturing remains on the increase. Europe, Japan, China and the U.S.A. are targeting significant cuts in CO2 emissions from motor vehicles. This challenge can be addressed via a combination of...

30. January 2018

Full speed ahead

Near-stoichiometric burner adjustment saves energy costs and reduces metal oxidation.

20. December 2017

ZPF: Process optimization with aluminum melting furnace

Increasing the energy efficiency of aluminum smelting: Burner air preheating by means of a heat exchanger significantly reduces gas consumption. Increased flame temperature enables process time reduction and further utilization...

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