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02. February 2012

China as a partner: an immense market for automation technology

China is booming. The demand for automation technology is on the rise. Festo supports major international customers and the Chinese economy with automation and training solutions - made by Festo.

Festo is also benefiting from this situation with high growth rates in China. As with its European clients, the expectations placed on Festo by its Chinese customers in the factory and process automation sector include service, consulting, application engineering, but also excellent loyalty in delivery. The trend is towards manufacturing in the region for the region. Festo will therefore inaugurate new plant facilities for production and logistics at its Jinan location on 21st March 2012. This plant extension will secure supply of the regional market in China for the coming years. Located on the main railway line between Beijing and Shanghai, Jinan provides Festo with ideal conditions for future production growth in China. Europe, and above all the high-tech locations in Germany, are benefiting from this additional spurt in growth and account for a large proportion of value creation in all regions - and will continue to do so in the future.

The training partner Festo Didactic: specialists for companies in China

There is a constantly growing need for qualified professionals in China. Even now, over ninety percent of Chinese businesses are already experiencing massive shortfalls in the recruitment of qualified staff. As a world leader in industrial education and training, Festo, a partner that is much in demand in China, exports the dual system of training and higher education - made in Germany - as a successful model. Festo Didactic supports over 500 training partners, universities and industrial training centres - from basic courses to the turnkey equipment of technical learning centres. An example is the educational model project at the Sino-German University of Applied Sciences (CDHAW) at Shanghai's Tonji University. The objective of this project founded in 2004 is to export the successful German model of a practice-oriented higher education facility, along the lines of the technical colleges, to the Chinese education system.

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