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30. October 2008

Successful casting seminars by Legor Group and Indutherm GmbH

Successful casting seminars by Legor Group and Indutherm GmbH

„Same same but different“ - Seminars in Thailand

Today casting machines, alloys and all peripheral devices are better than ever before. One could think that jewellery casting has become child’s play. But, new technical possibilities, such as complicated models created by CAD systems, casting with stones or new materials also cause new challenges such as the increased cost and time pressure in production processes. For an efficient and quality-oriented production process not only high class equipment is required, but also well qualified staff.

Knowing about these issues, Legor Group S.E. Asia and Indutherm / Protech Transfer have planned and organised a series of technical seminars focussing on troubleshooting in jewellery casting. Under the name of “Same same but different” various critical work steps during the casting process are discussed, analysed and explained.

The first seminar in March focused on the different procedures of casting and on gas porosity; the topics of the second seminar in June concentrated on cracks, form filling, fire stains and hard spots.

The next seminar to be held on 5th November will focus on shrinkage porosity. Competitive specialists in casting research hold the seminars, such as Dr Andrea Basso (Italy) and Dr Joerg Fischer-Buehner (Germany). Their task is to explain the physical issues for every casting problem in a way that everybody understands it easily and to show how it can be solved.

Dr. Fischer-Buehner talking about the plans for technical seminars in future:

“The large number of participants in the first two seminars and the great interest in the next one show us that there is a need for more information – and that many manufacturers have recognised how necessary well-founded technical know-how is for efficiency. The organisation of such events is expensive and causes a lot of effort. But, here in Thailand we get perfect support by the local dealers Protech Transfer and Legor Group S.E.A. as well as additional help by Bermark Design Ltd. and Siam Casting Powders Ltd. (local dealer of HOBEN/UK). We will continue with our seminars here as long as our participants want them. And, with respect to seminars in other countries – we are already talking to our local partners and dealers”.



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