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AU - Seven Refractories Presents Innovations at 2019 GIFA Trade Show

The 2019 GIFA in Düsseldorf comes at a crucial time for the steel and iron industry. In its largest trade show participation to date, Seven Refractories fulfills its mission as a technology leader and presents groundbreaking products.

For the 14th time, the quartet of technology trade shows of GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST dedicates itself to “The Bright World of Metals”.

In less than a decade since its foundation, Seven Refractories has firmly established itself as a technology leader. An ambitious R&D programme has resulted in 800 new product developments, and with a production footprint of two factories in Europe and a further two in Asia, the company is well poised to deliver the most advanced refractory products to customers in record time.

“Düsseldorf is the perfect venue to present ourselves as the partner of choice to the industry”, explains Erik Zobec, Group CEO of Seven Refractories. “In our product development we anticipate our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. With our continuously evolving product portfolios of Smooth Solutions for steel ladles and Taphole Clays, we demonstrate how much we put customer needs at the center of all our efforts.”

The environmentally gentle Taphole Clay product range undergoes constant evolution. Since its inception, Seven Refractories has consistently avoided potentially harmful compounds such as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH). Instead, the technological frontier for alternative resin binder solutions was pushed to unite environmental friendliness with utmost performance.

High alumina raw materials keep high mechanical strength. Speedy curing guarantees the perfect holding of the closed taphole, whether in alternate casting or during back-to-back operations in consecutive casting. Constant product quality monitoring and 100% ensure an optimum product profile at all times.

“We have taken the world in storm with our taphole clays”, confirms Roman Cheglov, VP Sales and Technique at Seven Refractories. “On 4 continents, more than 50 blast furnaces are running on our taphole clay, some of them as lare as 5.500 m3 or 12.000 tons per day.”

Smooth Solutions for steel ladles were developed for the specific challenges the steel industry is facing at the moment. Over the past years, traditional brick solutions have become less economically viable, and manufacturers are urgently looking for viable alternatives.

“Now is the time for a change in mindset and production methods”, confirms Cheglov. “With the price of bricks skyrocketing, the market is ready for a technological upgrade, and Seven Refractories is the ideal partner to guide manufacturers through this crucial transition. Our alternatives are technologically advanced, attractively priced and well-tried in the most modern steel plants.”

Seven Refractories has successfully supplied a variety of safety linings and working linings for ladles ranging from 8 to 400 tons in capacity, utilizing cast, flow, shotcrete and mold-based technologies. The new approach can result in considerable increase in lifetime and heats. Contrary to traditional bricks, monolithic refractories enable potentially “endless” refractory layers and less costly, smaller maintenance interventions.

Optimal resistance profiles, enhanced ease of installation and an improved safety profile make Smooth Solutions by Seven Refractories the preferred all-round material for the requirements of the modern steel plant. “GIFA is a true milestone for us”, summarizes Zobec. “It is the optimal venue to show our full competence as an all-round partner of the industry and to convince new clients to take the step to a technologically advanced future together with us.”

Source: Seven Refractories

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