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Energy Efficient Crucibles from Foseco

Save Money and Reduce Carbon Footprint

FOSECO 's new ENERTEK crucible.

Foseco's new ENERTEK range of crucibles have been proven to save energy.  The optimised thermal performance of ENERTEK crucibles, and the consistency of that performance over its life can generate significant savings for the foundryman. Extensive tests have shown that energy savings of up to 8% are frequently possible.

Foundries traditionally focus on purchase cost and life when selecting crucibles, and until recently, little attention has been paid to cost in use.  However, the cost of energy used by a foundry to melt and hold aluminium is several times the cost of the crucible.  With ever-rising energy costs, and an increasing focus on the environment, today's foundryman can no longer afford to ignore energy consumption.

In addition to the money saved, ENERTEK crucibles also positively influence a foundry's CO2 footprint.  In trials, reductions of 2-3 tonnes of CO2 per month per furnace have been achieved.

An added advantage of improved thermal performance is a reduction in melting time.  Depending on current practice, a reduction of up to 20% in melting time is achievable, significantly boosting productivity.

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