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GER - VW: Electromobility will cost many jobs

As reported by the Frankfurter Allgemeine before Christmas, the increasing focus on electromobility at Volkswagen will make thousands of jobs superfluous in the coming years. It is speculated that around 7,000 jobs could be eliminated at VW in Hanover and Emden, citing internal planning considerations.

The reason is clear - the production of electric cars is considered less complex. Per the terms agreed upon in the contract for job security in November, the job cuts should be generally acceptable through natural attrition and partial retirement. Volkswagen wants to offer temporary contracts to employees at Porsche and the VW plant in Kassel. At the same time, according to information from the German Press Agency, future jobs could arise around the megatrend of digitization in the factories. In order to cushion the changeover at the two locations, job security was agreed upon until the end of 2028.

The group made no further comment on what that could mean for areas relevant to casting.

Source: FAZ

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