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MAFAC - Creative cleaning

The MAFAC-JAVA redesigned:

Spray-Flood-Cleaning with sophisticated processing technology


MAFAC machinery company  is considered to be an expert in creative cleaning solutions for the most demanding of requirements. The German family-owned enterprise supplies international markets with compact cleaning systems, ranging from single tank to three tank applications offering a great number of user-friendly options.

Due to comprehensive further development, MAFAC relaunches its JAVA model with new technology and design. Excellent cleaning results with the new JAVA can be guaranteed by the new standard feature of a spray-flood cleaning technique.

During the wash cycle, the cleaning chamber can be flooded up to 50%. At the same time the jets of the patented spray-flood system rotate and spray underwater as well as above the water. Flood cleaning achieves very good results with workpieces that cannot be reached directly by the cleaning media due to undercuts and hidden contours.


It is the combination of these two precisely cleaning technologies within one single operation that aids the cleaning of even the most heavily polluted parts thoroughly free of grease and particles.

By flood cleaning the new Java achieves very good results with workpieces that have undercuts and hidden contours.

With a total filling capacity of 705 liters in the media tank, the new JAVA offers more than 40% of additional media volume. A valuable contribution for keeping throughput times to a minimum is the new JAVA’s extremely quick draining of the cleaning chamber. With the batch flooded up to 50%, the new model operates twice as fast as the previous one.

A complete new feature of the JAVA 2007 is the MAVIATIC touchpanel control system that significantly enhances operator convenience. The standard visualization software, newly developed by MAFAC programmers, allows comfortable operation control in Windows „Look & Feel“, which is adaptable for all MAFAC models.

MAFAC’s patented spray-flood technique operates by counter rotation of the basket system to the spraying system

The new standard visualization software allows comfortable touchpanel operation control in Windows „Look & Feel“.

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