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Algoods Inc. / Tower Automotive

164 Sterling Rd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6R 2B8

Integrated Aluminum Mini-Mill with Hazelett Caster & Rolling Mills

Product Line:

    • Aluminum coils
    • Cut-to-length flexible conductor
    • Heat shields
    • Bus bar conductor
    • Rollbond evaporators
    • Starfin evaporators
    • Impact extrusion slug blanking lines

Partial list of equipment available:

  • Continuous Casting - Hazelett 14-1 twin belt continuous thin strip casting machine

(Completely Refurbished in 2000) twin belt continuous thin strip; with 26” maximum width strip cast, 3.0” maximum strip thickness, 5/8” minimum strip thickness, 15 fpm maximum output speed AT 26” X ¾”, 45ton/shift slug material runs at 12” width, supplied by two NORTH AMERICAN gas fired, 700 Deg. C, 17 ton capacity aluminum melting furnaces, melt time 2.5 hours, operating w/ EPIC ll controller, 6 launder tubes with refractory. From here strip goes into STANAT-MANN 2 high hot mill.

  • (5) Furnaces including: CANEFCO gas fired roller hearth aluminum annealing furnace

C6023 F1 gas fired roller hearth aluminum annealing furnace; with 600ºC maximum temperature, maximum output 4000lbs./hr., 8' X 3' opening, approx. 44' long, ALLEN BRADLEY PANELVIEW 1400e PLC control

  • (5) Rolling Mills including: STANAT-MANN 17" x 26" 2-Hi one way hot rolling mill (takes material directly from Hazelett caster) and UNITED 14" x 32" x 42" 4-Hi one-way cold rolling mill and others

17 x 26 2 high one way hot rolling mill; with 17” roll diameter, 26” roll face, roller bearings, motorized screw-downs, 26” maximum strip width, 2.1” maximum input thickness, 60% maximum reduction, 27 FPM maximum rolling speed@ 60% reduction, entry edge guides, water soluble coolant, 250 HP main mill motor, hydraulic flying crop shear, 100 HP recoiler with hydraulic push-off, single arm turnstile, hydraulic guide to assist placing strip into mandrel slot, gauge, slab catcher used for thicker strip widths in place of mandrel


  • Slitting Lines - 24" and 40" slitting lines
  • Cut-to-length lines - 40" and 52" cut-to-length lines
  • (30) Presses including: BROWN BOGGS SS2 300 SSDC press, MINSTER SE2 250 108-48 SSDC Eccentric press, MACRODYNE 2001 MPZ 400 SS Hydraulic press, and more.


1997 SS2 300 straight side double crank press with 300 ton capacity, 60" X 40" bed, 2" stroke, 20" shut height, 10" adjustment, 0-250 SPM, 36" windows, automatic lubrication, light guards, PRESSMASTER PM1.5 PLC control


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