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SPECTRO brings home Innovation Award


  • Four Magazines (Process, Process Worldwide, PharmaTEC and Laborpraxis) Select SPECTROBLUE as Winner of Laboratory and Analytical Technology Category
  • Air Cooling: Cost-Saving Top Technology
  • High-Accuracy Environmental Analysis with Simple Operation

At the ACHEMA Trade Show (June 17-22), SPECTRO Analytical Instruments received the Innovation Award for its breakthrough SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES spectrometer.
SPECTRO was selected for the award by four top trade magazines (Process, Process Worldwide, PharmaTEC, and Laborpraxis) from among 110 nominees, who competed for awards in eleven categories. Criteria for the award included the degree of innovation, product quality and economic feasibility for end users.
“With the SPECTROBLUE, we scored points in every category,” explains Olaf Schulz, who has responsibility for the SPECTRO ICP spectrometer product line.
Introduced in 2011, the SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES spectrometer targets mainly environmental laboratories that need quick and accurate analysis of water, wastewater, sewage sludge and soil samples for toxic heavy metals.   

Air-Cooled Plasma Interface
SPECTROBLUE’s optical plasma interface is especially innovative. As the excitation source, the inductively coupled plasma becomes extremely hot, ICP spectrometers need cooling.
“Previously ICP spectrometers  required an expensive water-cooled device that is noisy, takes up valuable laboratory space, and requires additional electricity and servicing. With the innovative SPECTROBLUE, SPECTRO engineers devised a way to divert the heat away with an air stream,” notes Mr. Schulz.

Sample Introduction Improved
Among the other SPECTROBLUE innovations is improved sample introduction. SPECTRO made it possible to significantly shorten the path of the sample into the plasma, which decreases the duration of the analysis and reduces carry-over effects. Operators now are able to eliminate time-consuming fine adjustment of the sample introduction components. The instrument’s plasma torch is attached using a bayonet connection and, thus, is always located in the correct position. All gas and plasma connections are found in the interior of the locking mechanism, and, except for the nebulizer gas supply, the sample introduction room is free of tubing, which further simplifies operation.

SPECTROBLUE’s operating software also includes new user-friendly functions such as a comprehensive Smart Analyzer Vision software package and a Smart User Interface that simplifies routine operation.  

Frequently Distinguished
SPECTRO, a global leader in spectrometry instrumentation, has received frequent recognition for its industry innovations. In June 2011, the SPECTRO MS ICP spectrometer received an R&D 100 award from R&D magazine for its Array Detection Technology. That same instrument also received an ACCSI award from the Chinese Analytical Industry in May 2011 and the PITTCON Editors’ Silver Award in March 2010. 

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