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22. June 2017

First Kurtz Ersa Casting Workshops in Mexico

Special events for automotive sector in Querétaro and Monterrey

21. June 2017

Acquisition of the business branch "SAVELLI Engineering"

I am delighted and proud to officially announce the acquisition, by our company, of the business branch of the historical Savelli S.p.A. called "SAVELLI Engineering" comprising the brand (SAVELLI since 1842), both...

20. June 2017

Foundry of the Future: Five questions for Marco Meneguzzo, the new General Manager at FATA Aluminum

Seven months after Marco Meneguzzo was chosen to lead FATA Group, he was given five questions to answer, answers that hopefully would give clues to those key issues defining FATA's future: market sector, technological processes...

19. June 2017

FOSECO at Metef exhibition, Italy 21-24 June 2017

New product applications and innovations from Foseco for Non Ferrous foundriesAt the Metef exhibition from June 21st to 24th 2017 Foseco will be showing new processes and products for cost effective melting and holding of...

17. June 2017

Foundry of the Week: Happy Customers Make the Business World Very Rewarding

Happy customers make the business world very rewarding!

16. June 2017

Currently bottlenecks in foundry raw materials- ASK's Jörg Brotzki gives his view

Foundry Planet interview with Jörg Brotzki, Executive Vice President Europe at ASK Chemicals, about the effects of and the outlook during current raw material shortage

15. June 2017

Aluminium to play key role in the future of the auto industry

Aluminium China 2017 puts spotlight on transformation in lightweight vehicle design in Shanghai from July 19 to 2117 May 2017: International business leaders, engineering experts and academics from the automotive industry and...

14. June 2017

600th Standard X-Ray Inspection System YXLON MU2000-D Successfully in Operation at NORLYS

May 2017: YXLON rejoices over the commissioning of their 600th MU2000-D X-ray inspection system. After its market launch in 1997, the universal radiographic system is still one of the most successful inspection systems worldwide...

13. June 2017

General Kinematics - Working with a Historic Foundry

Metal casting has been entwined with the United States from the very beginning, driving the westward journey into the industrial revolution and making its way today in the ever improving world of automobiles. Foundry has truly...

12. June 2017



10. June 2017

Foundry of the week - Substantial Achievements of Millison Internationalization Strategy

Millison die casting industrial park has been put into production, invested by Beijing Millison Investment Group Co., Ltd. with 1billion RMB and built in Chongqing Banan Tianming automotive and motorbike industry park.Millison...

08. June 2017

Precise non-contact temperature measurement of liquid iron and steel thanks to a novel CSD pyrometer

In castings, the temperature of liquid melts is typically measured by immersion thermometers. The high consumption costs of the thermocouples are problematic. As an alternative, special short-wave measuring spectral pyrometers...

07. June 2017

Roger Stonecipher - Pangborn Group`s New President

The Pangborn Group, a global leader in surface preparation solutions, is pleased to introduce Roger Stonecipher as their new President, effective immediately. As President, Stonecipher will have responsibility for the company’s...

06. June 2017


The die cast technology forum, “Leading • Innovation • Vision”, hosted by MILLISON and OSKAR FRECH in Chongqing on May 14th, attracted over 150 participants from enterprises, universities, institutions, associations, and media...

05. June 2017

Award for young researchers: Presentation of the fourth KUKA Innovation Award

KUKA awards prize for outstanding innovations in the field of state-of-the-art mechatronics: the automation experts will present the prestigious KUKA Innovation Award to young researchers at Hannover Messe.Five teams will be...

03. June 2017

Foundry of the Week - Blackhawk de Mexico, S.A.

Blackhawk de México, S.A., a ductile and gray iron foundry with the capability to produce casting parts from 5 to 400 kg in Green Sand and No Bake molding lines, serves clients mainly within the North American market. The company...

02. June 2017

Küttner Automation: Virtual commissioning in the “digital factory” shortens the commissioning phase and speeds up the ramp-up

Plant modernization in the foundry industryCommissioning times for automation systems are cut by up to 75 percent. “Virtual commissioning” provides the possibility of testing and verifying the perfect functioning of automation...

01. June 2017

The SmartFix system for changing mixing tools significantly reduces maintenance costs

Tool change is part of the normal routine for mixer operators. The mixing tool does most of the work during raw material preparation, and its condition has a ma-jor influence on the quality of the end product. Operators need to...

31. May 2017

Big solutions at Metal + Metallurgy China 2017

ASK Chemicals to stage its products for large iron and steel casting applicationsFrom June 13 to 16, ASK Chemicals will be staging its solutions for large casting applications at Metal + Metallurgy China 2017, placing special...

30. May 2017

O/CAVA MECCANICA and HWS continue their successful teamplay

Based on confidence, but mainly on the both-sided technical expertise, O/CAVA MECCANICA and HWS have committed themselves to fulfill their approach towards the foundry industry: O/CAVA MECCANICA , is a leading...

29. May 2017

Transmet Corporation Expands Shot Blasting Materials Product Line

Stainless Steel Grit Now Available From TransmetIn 1979, a team of engineers at Battelle Memorial Institute incorporated Transmet Corporation to commercialize patented Rapid Solidification Technology (RST). This technology...

27. May 2017

Foundry of the Week - Cast Rolls Manufacturer INNSE

Innse Cilindri (INNSE) is a cast rolls manufacturer, known all over the world. Its core business is the production of spun casting work rolls for hot strip mills. In addition, INNSE produces rolls for cold rolling mills, shaped...

26. May 2017

Gurten – the epicenter of casting technology

More than 300 attendees and around 40 exhibitors gathered at Fill Machine Engineering for the 61st Austrian Foundry Conference.On April 27 and 28, 2017, the Innviertel town of Gurten was the center of the German-speaking foundry...

25. May 2017

Pulsar IGBT (Transistorized) induction melting inverter surpasses expectation.

In 2015 Meltech embarked on a development program to introduce a new range of inverter system to add to its established Pulsar range , up until 2016 all new induction systems supplied by Meltech were driven by traditional SCR...

24. May 2017

Plant Commissioning - JSC Solombala Machine-Building Plant

GUT Giesserei Umwelt Technik GmbH, Freudenberg, Germany has successfully delivered and commissioned a shakeout station (grid size 1,6 x 2 m, material load: up to 4 t) and a sand reclamation system (capacity up to 5 t/h) to JSC...

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