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Invest cleverly -- Reduce operating costs intelligently -- Up to 70% better energy efficiency in sand processing through the use of a sand cooler from...
Ideal Complements: HA and Petrofer
Spanish foundry group Condals has seen its scrap rates drop significantly after adopting DISA’s Monitizer® digital solution. Scrap rates dropped by...
ABC Corporation is committed to helping modernize foundry operations and expand sustainable technologies in the metalcasting industry.
More sustainable 3D printing of cores is now possible with binder jet printing of inorganic binder.
On 30 June 2021, Heinz Nelissen will retire after 31 years of successful service to the Foseco and Vesuvius group of companies.  Heinz Nelissen was...
Elkem’s long term goal is to achieve carbon-neutral metal production.
By Michael R. Fredbloom - Roberts Sinto Corporation, Grand Ledge, Michigan
abk PRESSENBAU UND AUTOMATION has the competent answer and the right machine at hand
For the ideal use of Wollin spray nozzles the manufacturer created a new tutorial.
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