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16. May 2017

Reichmann – Your partner for automatic fettling solutions

„Cut-to-Finish“ - precise cutting solutions for castings

15. May 2017

Reducing waste the INTELLIGENT way

Visit Us on Twitter!Social media is a part of almost everyone’s lives today and is becoming increasingly important for business to ‘get the message out’, so we felt we would emerge into the world of social media with an exciting...

12. May 2017

Lightweight construction in cast 2017


10. May 2017

CHINA DIECASTING 2017: “Entering the world’s largest die casting market”

The die casting industry in China is growing at an enormous rate. The reason: the rapid development of the Chinese automotive industry in the past few years. The mega city of Shanghai is playing a key role in this process. It is...

09. May 2017

Winoa improves Total Cost of Blasting (TCB)

Thanks to its 50 years of experience, Winoa is able to reduce its customers' blasting costs by offering a full technical approach: specific ranges of products, technologies and services dedicated to its customer...

07. May 2017

ASK Chemicals showcases at Metal + Metallurgy China 2017

No compromises with INOTECTM technologyASK Chemicals stages its leading inorganic binder technology, perfectly suitable for production of aluminum cylinder heads and crankcases by low pressure die casting processes, at the Metal...

05. May 2017

Foundry of the Week - Arizzi Fonderie San Giorgio S.p.A.

We are a foundry of grey and nodular cast iron with a strong predisposition for structural parts with mechanical purposes. Over 50 years of experience and the latest technologies allow Arizzi Foundry to achieve a high quality...

05. May 2017

New Measures Brings Key New Highlights to Aluminium China

Aluminium China 2017 Covers Three Hot TopicsCoinciding with the NPC and CPPCC meetings taking place in Beijing, the aluminum industry in China is embracing a warm springtime. The domestic electrolytic aluminum has seen a rise...

03. May 2017

Norican Global Completes Acquisition of Light Metal Casting Solutions Group

Taastrup, Denmark. Norican Global A/S (“Norican”), a leading metallic parts enhancement company (by virtue of its ownership of both DISA and Wheelabrator), announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the Light Metal...

02. May 2017

Hüttenes-Albertus to transfer core production from Eurokern to Termit in Slovenia

Hüttenes-Albertus has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Slovenian company Termit for the production of foundry cores and core packages. As of July 31, 2017, HA will shut down core production at its Baddeckenstedt-based...

30. April 2017

The official opening of the new facility at William Cook Cast Products Ltd, Sheffield

The foundry industry perseveres in improvement and evolution, like all other industries, but it takes sustained determination to be amongst the ones who take it to new heights and William Cook are the best at proving the point....

28. April 2017

EF GROUP - Foundry of the Week

EF GROUP has roots far back in time. In fact, Mr. Enrico Frigerio, great grandfather of the latest generation now in the company, started the activity in the foundry in 1924. The Frigerio family, over the course of almost a...

25. April 2017

SolidThinking: Click 2 Cast Simulation Software at Woodland/Alloy Casting Inc

“When deciding on a casting simulation software, there were a number factors: reasonable cost, ease of use and the ability to perform the basic functions that a high price software performs, and Click2Cast met all those...

25. April 2017

South Africa hosted BRICS Forum, WFO and Metal Casting Conference 2017

BRICS Foundry-Gallery 2017 SA - Speakers Gallery 2017 Gala - Night Gallery 2017 South Africa was, as always, the perfect conference host. John Davies and his fabulous team did a great job organizing an international metal...

24. April 2017

Siemens - Additive manufacturing revolution for gas turbines

In recent years, a small team in Finspång, Sweden has revolutionized the development, manufacturing, and repair of gas turbine components. Complex metal parts can now be 3-D-printed, offering unimagined design possibilities in a...

23. April 2017

A European flurry for automatic grinding

Companies across Europe are realising the benefits of high quality automatic grinding machines, says P. S. Auto Grinding Ltd, which has witnessed an excellent level of sales during the first quarter of 2017.Recent orders in...

21. April 2017

PBS – Top European Investment Casting Foundry

Company Profile:PBS Velka Bites is a top European investment casting foundry focused on nickel and cobalt based super alloys.  We use the lost wax method thanks to which our investment castings can be produced with high...

20. April 2017

Cooperation for the future of die casting

Bühler empowers their customer’s success, today and in the future, by continuously improving and innovating technological solutions. To meet the challenges of new developments, such as Industry 4.0, big data, new materials or...

19. April 2017


In order to meet the increasing demands of clients throughout the country and serve as a hub to support clients and projects throughout the Asia Pacific region, the site of Italpresse in China has been relocated to a larger shop...

18. April 2017

China to become central driving force in worldwide electromobility

A lead role in future, tooThe significance of the Chinese market for the international auto industry is indisputable. Over the past decades, the nation has not only written an unparalleled success story in the development of...

18. April 2017


FATA Automation and FATA Aluminum have opened a new production facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan USA,  confirming the strong, continued success and commitment of FATA to NAFTA. This new plant is already in operation and...

16. April 2017

Clariant - Low emission additives for green sand molding

SummaryGreen sand molding is the most common foundry method for producing small to medium castings. In 2013, over 50 percent of green sand castings produced in Europe were used in road vehicle production for applications such as...

15. April 2017

2017 International Thermprocess Summit in Düsseldorf

Programme finalised / online ticket shop opens at the end of March

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