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07. February 2007

Finnish Military

to Scrap 350 Tanks and Armoured Vehicles

06. February 2007

Study Proves Increasing

use of Aluminium in new European Cars

06. February 2007

Patternless Castings

A comparatively recent development

06. February 2007

Die Casting Innovations

Help Domestic Producers Offset

05. February 2007

World's tallest skyscraper

delayed by at least a year

05. February 2007

European Union Approve Fomation

of World's Largest Aluminium

05. February 2007

Foundry to reduce emissions

Pacific Steel forges agreement

02. February 2007

Japan leads the world into

fastest pace in 16 months

02. February 2007

Area getting two facilities

for incoming coal

02. February 2007

Russian Aluminium Tycoon

to Produce Bombardier Aircraft

01. February 2007

India's Tata

wins race for Corus

01. February 2007

The Chinese

are Coming Quietly

01. February 2007


to hike prices from Feb 1

Success story from the German Foundry Industry - Fronberg Guss GmbH well-positioned

Article also available in Four years ago the “Fronberger Gießerei” had to declare bankruptcy. Today named as “Fronberg Guss GmbH” the company now is capable to offer its employees secure jobs. Starting April 2009 only 11 of the...

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