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Adolf Föhl GmbH + Co KG

Schönblick 17, 73635 Rudersberg, Germany


Schönblick 17
73635 Rudersberg

AKMETAL Metallurgical Ind. Corp.

Tepeören Mah. Eski Ankara Asfaltı Cad. No : 236, 34959 Tuzla-Istanbul, Turkey


Tepeören Mah. Eski Ankara Asfaltı Cad. No : 236
34959 Tuzla-Istanbul

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AKMETAL Metallurgical Ind. Corp
AKMETAL Metallurgical Ind. Corp founded as fifth foundry in 1963 and located in ...

AlCuMet Precision Investment Castings

3 Planeview Drive, 03053 Londonderry, United States


3 Planeview Drive
03053 Londonderry
United States

Alu-Onto Ltd.

Ráckevei u. 8., 2316 Tököl, Pf.:53., Hungary, Hungary


Ráckevei u. 8.
2316 Tököl, Pf.:53., Hungary

Telephone: +36 24 531 830
Email: casting(at)

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Foundry of the week: Alu-Onto Ltd, a family-run aluminium foundry from Hungary
Founded in 1991, Alu-Onto Ltd. is a family-run foundry which has always end...


Founded in 1991, Alu-Onto Ltd. is a family-run foundry which has always endeavoured to make aluminium sand castings which would reflect the level of current special knowledge and expectation to a preserving extent and hence to an overdeveloped extent.

Its new generation castings are being used in many fields, namely in the power generation, motor, machine and medical industries. Their approach to the work can be regarded as an active partner’s status rather than as a customer-oriented one. 

Owing to all this, Alu-Onto meets the requirements of all and places a high priority on remaining innovative.


In Alu-Onto sand mold foundry, a small series of typically complex, high-quality aluminum castings are produced. Our castings can also be used in the case of other end-use products of casting technology, which brings validations, assembly work and tests very close, all at an affordable price. In addition, customers are assured that their product developments, in small series, can be introduced almost immediately in different segments of the market.

Thr patented technology is exclusively gravity (atmospheric pressure) sand casting, which is realized with different types of sand. For the raw materials used, siluminous grades and other aluminum alloys are used according to the standard. Full cleaning, surface and after-treatment work is provided, depending on the customer's needs.

  • Alu-Onto Ltd.
  • Alu-Onto Ltd.
  • Alu-Onto Ltd.
  • Alu-Onto Ltd.


Western Way, WS10 7BW Wednesbury, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom


Western Way
WS10 7BW Wednesbury, West Midlands, England
United Kingdom

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Alucast’s move to lightweighting wins mayoral approval
Andy Street received a socially distanced tour of the aluminium casting speciali...
UK - Alucast looks to build on £1m of Electrification Wins by joining new Cluster
The UK’s leading independent aluminium foundry is using its increased five-axi...
Alucast has upgraded its casting capability and opened a new 7,000 sq ft machin...

Arizzi Fonderie San Giorgio S.p.A.

Via Partigiani, 27, 24021 Albino (BG), Italy


Via Partigiani, 27
24021 Albino (BG)

Telephone: +39 035 752143
Fax: +39 035 755235
Email: arizzi(at)

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Foundry of the Week - Arizzi Fonderie San Giorgio S.p.A.
We are a foundry of grey and nodular cast iron with a strong predisposition for ...

AS-casting s.r.o.

Volgogradská 150 460 10 Liberec 10, Czech Republic


Volgogradská 150 460 10 Liberec 10

Czech Republic

Telephone: +42 0485 105 598
Email: inquiry(at)

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Foundry of the Week: AS Casting
AS-Casting's focus is primarily on the die-casting aluminum for the electronics,...


The history of the company dates back to 1990, when it was established the first foundry ALUPRESS by František Svobodník with only Czech capital. From the beginning, the company focused on the production and processing of die-cast aluminum alloy. On the history of the brand we have again established and in 2009 founded company Alupress Ltd..

In 2001 our company has restored foundry activity not only with the contribution of many years of experience. Was purchased modern technology, the acquisition of major domestic and foreign customers and quality staffing will allow us to once again achieve a solid position on the Czech market and abroad.

At the moment our focus is primarily on the die-casting aluminum for the electronics, automotive and transport industries, machining and grinding. Our customers are both domestic and foreign companies. Our company in the domestic market occupies an important position not only in its modern technological equipment, but also personnel background with years of experience in area of foundry industry, and machinig.

Permanent training of our employees and increase their expertise ensures our company's long-term stable position on market.

Processes in our company are managed according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certification.


Foundry Alupress has long experience in die casting and machining of aluminum castings. We offer our customers complete support from design to final completion of high-quality aluminum castings cast under pressure. As a leading manufacturer of aluminum castings are delivered successfully leading renowned brands from both the electrical and automotive industry.

Tools for die casting and cutting tools are carried out in cooperation with external companies with whom we have been cooperating for many years.

Machining schop provides another level of finishing of aluminum castings according to customer requirements. The manufacturing program is focused on series production. We work with Al castings from our own foundry, from external foundries and also production from the metallurgical semi especially pipes and rods (steel, copper alloys etc.). We provide service from the demand to the final product.

Clamping tools and tools provided in cooperation with our external suppliers.

  • AS-casting s.r.o.
  • AS-casting s.r.o.
  • AS-casting s.r.o.
  • AS-casting s.r.o.


Ascent Castings Technologies

Sector no 10, plot no 24c, PCNTDA, Bhosari, 411026 Pune, India


Sector no 10, plot no 24c, PCNTDA, Bhosari
411026 Pune

Asia Pearlite Casting Industries co. (API)

14, 6th St. Daroopakhsh Ave. 17 Karaj Special Road., 1397136633 Tehran, Iran


14, 6th St. Daroopakhsh Ave. 17 Karaj Special Road.
1397136633 Tehran

Telephone: +98 21 44 99 34 60
Fax: +98 21 88 60 38 06
Email: info(at)


Atlantis Foundries (PTY) LTD.

P.O. Box 1701, 7350 Dassenberg, South Africa,


P.O. Box 1701
7350 Dassenberg, South Africa

Telephone: +27 (0)21 573 7200
Email: af-info(at)

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Foundry of the Week: Atlantis Foundries
Atlantis Foundries have embarked on a process that will pave the way to becoming...

AY Döküm Makina San. A.S.

Org. San Bölg. Dökümcüler Sitesi 3.Sk No:35-37 Sincan, TR 06935 ANKARA, Turkey


Org. San Bölg. Dökümcüler Sitesi 3.Sk No:35-37 Sincan

Telephone: + 90 312 267 04 57/4
Fax: + 90 312 267 04 56
Email: akadipinar(at)


Ay Dokum Machine Industry and Trade Inc. Co. is one of the leading companies in Turkey carrying it's success forward abroad with guality service approach offered to customers. Ay Dokum ownes two separate foundries and one machining shop. It has an annual capacity of 20.000 tons gray and nodular iron casting of which 5.000 tons served as machined.

First Foundry : Weights of parts produced range from 25 to 250 kg. There are 2 cupola furnaces, 2 induction furnaces and 3 couples of moulding machines. The primary productions include tractor front and rear ballasts and front weight supports. Furthermore, tractor front axle supports, reducer gear boxes, etc. are manufactured.

This foundry produces only gray iron parts.
Second Foundry : Weights of parts produced range from 5 to 150 kg. There are 3 induction furnaces, HWS full automatic moulding line and one couple of conventional moulding machine. The primary productions include gearboxes, engine and generator flywheels, engine flywheel housings, wind turbine and various transmission parts.

This foundry produces nodular and gray iron parts.
Machining : It has an annual capacity of 5.000 tons with CNC horizontal-vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, and other conventional and auxiliary machines. The machined parts are measured in accordance with the quality control plans with a 900x1200x800 mm CMM.


  •  Tractor Group
  •  Ballast Group
  •  Supports
  •  Others
  •  Industry Group
  •  Agricultural Machinery
  •  Engine Parts
  •  Gearboxes



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