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Waupaca Foundry

955 Brunner Drive P.O. Box 249, 54981 Waupaca, WI, United States


955 Brunner Drive P.O. Box 249
54981 Waupaca, WI
United States

Telephone: +1 715-258-6611
Fax: +1 715-258-9268​
Email: sales(at)

Manufacturing Skills

Press Releases & News

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Waupaca Foundry, a Hitachi Metals Group company, has a reputation as solid as the castings we create. We deliver on our daily commitment to quality and true capacity.

At Waupaca Foundry, capacity is more than volume.
It’s our capacity to keep promises so our customers can expect tomorrow’s deliveries on time, as well as tomorrow’s innovations. It’s the capacity to contribute value and solve problems at every stage of design and production. It’s leveraging integrated services to cut costs and turnaround time, while flexing production for our customers’ volume needs. And it’s the capacity that our global network to create supply chain efficiencies, bring value added engineering innovations, and offer material solutions—for confidence and peace of mind.

Waupaca Foundry casts and machines iron casting components for global markets including automotive, commercial vehicle, agriculture, construction, material handling and other industrial sectors. We produce gray iron and ductile iron castings including austempered ductile and HNM high-strength ductile, melting more than 10,000 tons a day. Iron casting components up to 350 pounds (160 kilograms) are produced using one of 35 vertically parted, high pressure molding machines by a workforce that puts generations of foundry and machining expertise to work for our customers every day. 

Operating seven foundries and two machining and assembly plants, Waupaca Foundry employs more 4,500 people. Locations are strategically concentrated, yet operationally decentralized, which streamlines the metalcasting supply chain.

Since 1955, Waupaca Foundry has continuously improved in the areas of safety, quality, productivity, and reliability. Our design engineering, high volume melting capabilities, custom-built vertical green sand molding equipment, and automated finishing systems minimize post-process machining requirements and maintain controlled chemistry for consistent machining—all resulting in best-in-class iron casting components.

Products & Services

Our experienced craftsmen use precise technology to manufacture consistently high-quality iron castings. That’s the Waupaca difference.

At Waupaca Foundry, generations of foundry experience, process control, and innovative technology converge to deliver high-quality ductile iron and gray iron castings. From our custom-built vertical molding machines to our collaborative casting design and manufacturing processes, everything is designed to create consistent, high-quality iron castings that you and your customers can rely on every day.

With seven foundries committed to quality, you can expect highly responsive customer service and competitive pricing. Thorough process control and state-of-the-art technologies ensure reliable supply of quality iron castings with the service and support you’ve come to expect from Waupaca Foundry.

Quality Iron Castings
Our comprehensive quality management system combines lean manufacturing principles and proven production systems with process control, automation and optimized machine technology, industry-leading inspection systems, and disciplined change management processes. We bolster that with responsive customer service and robust field support. The result is that you receive the best, most reliable, highest quality iron castings on the market.      ​​Learn More...

​Iron Castings- Markets Served
Waupaca Foundry produces gray, ductile, austempered ductile, and compacted graphite iron castings for global markets including automotive, commercial vehicles, as well as agriculture, construction, and other industrial sectors.      ​​Learn More...

Wenzhou Ruiming Industrial Co. Ltd




Telephone: 0577 65329999
Fax: 0577 65396788
Email: service(at)

Press Releases & News

Foundry of the Week - Wenzhou RUIMING Industrial Co. Ltd.
Wenzhou RUIMING Industrial Co. Ltd established in October, 1995, specializes in ...


Wulkan SA

Tartakowa 31/33, 42-200 Częstochowa, Poland


Tartakowa 31/33
42-200 Częstochowa

Telephone: +48 34 361 55 54
Email: wulkan(at)


Wulkan SA produces castings in grey cast iron grade EN-GJL-150, 200 and 250 for the automotive, machinery and construction industries. The company combines rich foundry tradition with modern casting and machining technologies. WULKAN offers its customers a complete service, from tooling design and construction, through raw casting, up to the mechanical treatment and coating application. The annual production capacity is about 10,000 tones of castings with a unit weight of 0.1 to 20 kg.

Wulkan SA production site is equipped with automatic moulding lines in DISA technology. The foundry uses cupola process for melting cast iron and automatic pouring process. The plant manufactures components using CNC grinding and machining (turning and milling centres). 

The company delivers its products to European markets and to the USA. Among the castings that are produced there are: rings, pulleys and elements of anti-vibration systems for the automotive industry, fittings for pipelines, cylinder heads for compressors, pumps for central heating and components used in the engineering industry. Each stage of production is subject to detailed control.

The company has an integrated ISO quality and environmental management system 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. Wulkan SA is the laureate of many prestigious awards.

Fenix Machines sp. z o. o. is the  part of Wulkan SA group. The company manufactures CNC machines for grinding castings. FENIX grinders are the first machines of this type produced in Poland. The company also deals with the design and implementation of automated production centers with the participation of FENIX grinders as well as robots and machining devices.



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