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19. February 2014

IFEX and 62nd Indian Foundry Congress in Ahmedabad, Mahatma Mandir, India

IFEX and 62nd Indian Foundry Congress in Ahmedabad, Mahatma Mandir, India

More than 1.500 delegates and 250 exhibitors from India and abroad

Exhibitors from countries such as Germany, Italy and China, around 20 key buyers from all across the globe and more than 40 members of BRICS delegations from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa were present at the Expo and during the congress, which aimed to project India as a global casting and processing hub. With compliments to the organizing team, we also can pronounce that several important speakers from various countries discussed the status of the foundry industry in their countries and the opportunities of India during the congress.

New IIF President, Ms. Reena Bhagwati said: “ Today India is the third largest producer of casting components with a production of about 10 million tons per year. India also has the largest group of technically qualified engineers in the world, which makes India a favoured destination for global sourcing teams. The 62. Indian Foundry Congress with about 1.500 attendees is the largest global foundry conference, we will report about major topics, like “Knowing Global Trends” and the BRICS session in detail later.

Let`s follow up on how India can face the challenge of a demand crisis in the last month. Reena Bhagwati is sure that the Indian industry is resilient enough to bounce back in good time, hopefully IFEX 2014 will encourage to revive the industry tempo.

As an independent observer, we can comment that the atmosphere was positive from the visitor and  exhibitor point of view, but there is still only one question remaining: When will the Indian Foundry Industry start to invest more in automation, technical development, security and environment?

Of course there will be elections this year, but in fact, the decision starts in mind and intention, the government is able to provide the framework and the environment.

As we learned from Subodh Panchal, Chairman Organizing Committee, the state of Gujarat is the growth engine of India with 2 foundry clusters and more than 2000 foundries, so we are optimistic and happy that this event took place near Ahmedabad/Gujarat.



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