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Künkel Wagner – a long and proud tradition lives on!

We are pleased to announce that effective 1st September 2014, KW was sold through an asset deal and is now operating as KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany GmbH. Our workforce has been retained, we are still based in Alfeld, Germany, i.e. nothing has changed and our product line remains strong. Telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are unchanged. This acquisition creates huge opportunities and opens up enormous potential for us all.
KÜNKEL WAGNER Germany GmbH is now 100% owned by QME, an enterprise with headquarters in Qingdao, China. This parent company successfully leads a consortium of several technology-based companies in China, already has shares in a successful company in Germany as well as joint ventures with leading German companies in China.
QME is specialized in producing high quality products and operates mainly in the following three business areas: high-tech engineering, quality automotive components and electrical and electronic components. With these activities QME has been increasingly successful in international competition.
KÜNKEL WAGNER’s excellent market reputation as a traditional German mechanical engineering company, strong experience and highly qualified employees were essential criteria for the takeover for QME.
David Ma, QMEs General Director says „our new company
KÜNKEL WAGNER with their technology, their experience and their employees should keep their German values and business culture and will continue to manufacture in Germany, keeping it all at home. With our full support KÜNKEL WAGNER will continue to grow successfully in existing and new markets”.
Our partnership with QME reinforces our global focus and supports our future growth. We share QMEs opinion about the future of our global activities and the many possibilities of global markets.
New managing directors are Mr. Chang Shi and Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Frank Iburg, who we’re sure everybody in the field will recognize as the person most worthy of this position. As a long-time Technical Director of KÜNKEL WAGNER, Mr. Iburg is familiar with the market and we will all reap the awards of his expertise.
Part of the plan for the future is to further intensify the maintenance of existing technology and the development of new technologies in the foundry and use the existing product diversity and international market knowledge to make interlinked processes more transparent and thus more controllable. A further aim is to bridge any gaps between service provision and customer expectations, bringing us closer to our customers and fully understanding their needs.
We would like to thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to a steadfast future together with many exciting prospects.

We are now in position to be able to assure our customers of our full commitment, best quality products and provide better than ever service.



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